About Audri

 Audri is a Talented Teen Singer who Helps Teens

Business Email: audri.b@yahoo.com

My Story:  I'm told I came into the world belting so, it's no surprise that music has been my passion since I can remember. For me, music is the equivalence of livelihood. Globally it can unite generations, gender and nations. At times, it can help me partially disconnect from immediate reality and savor the moment. Music allows me to express my ideas and emotions. It allows me to be whoever I want, whenever I want. Music can embody my emotional, spiritual and physical experiences. I can share these stories while empowering and uplifting. Music is love, music is somber, music is thought-provoking, music is spiritual, MUSIC IS MY LIFE!

"PRACTICE, PRACTICE, AND PRACTICE!!!!! You should feel absolutely comfortable on the stage and trust that your training and practice won't fail you and just have a great time on stage. Your audience will only let loose and enjoy your stage if you do."  -Audri