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Company Description: Flash Photo Booth is a photobooth rental company with locations in Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Their photo booths are available for weddings, graduations, various parties, and other events. When you rent with Flash you are guaranteed all the necessary equipment, easy operation, a service attendant, and unlimited photo prints! They turn events into celebrations and lots of fun! 

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Quote from the owner: "We love our photo booth business because it allows people to let loose and be silly. To hear the laughter behind the curtains gives us the satisfaction that people are enjoying themselves. They are creating memories that will be with them for the rest of their lives!" - Cassie Shearer

Categories: Photography, Wedding Receptions, and  Photo Booth Rentals.  

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Serving  Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington areas:

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2290 SE Spruce Ave
Portland, OR 97214