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About Houston Student Movers

 Houston Student Movers - A Friendly Professional Moving Company

Student Movers, Inc. - Residential Division
Address: 8630 Lipan Rd. Houston, TX 77063
Phone: 713-728-4900

Variety Movers, Inc. - Commercial and Long Distance Division
Address: 5330 North Fwy Suite 102, Houston, TX 77022
Phone:  713-692-6683 

Houston Student Movers

Company Description:  Houston Student Movers understands how stressful and complex the moving process can be. That's why their primary goal is to relieve their customers of that stress by making their move as smooth and as efficient as possible. Whether you need a moving company for a residential, commercial, apartment, or mansion, Houston Student Movers is up for the task. While we handle the dirty work you have the freedom to focus on what matters most, such as spending quality time with your family talking about all the fond memories you have of the house you will say your goodbyes to soon. Why deal with the hassle when you can hire quality Houston movers to make your move easier, quicker, and far less stressful.

Main Products and Services:  Moving, packing, residential movers, commercial movers, Houston movers.

Serving:  Houston, TX and the surrounding area

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