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 La Pierres

Main Products and/or Services:  AngelTouch® skin care device and AngelFormula series skin care products.

Company Description:  La Pierres was established in 2010. It is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, USA. Our mission is to unify the advanced technologies of Silicon Valley and the wisdom of the skin care industry into technologically disruptive skin care products that can assist our customers to achieve the skin care and facial beauty results they desire. Our goal is to enable user information oriented personalizable skin care solution for our customers worldwide. As a company with its roots in technology, La Pierres’ core strength resides in our ability to continuously innovate new products, new methods and implement new ideas in our proprietary skin care technologies. This ability can help our customers to achieve younger and healthier looking skin with results surpassing other skin care products available on market today.

Brief Company History:  La Pierres Inc. was established in 2010 in the city of San Jose, California. The company’s initial R&D effort on the disruptive AngelTouch device concluded by end of 2012 with the successful completion of the first AngelTouch prototype. In 2013, La Pierres established partnership and business ownership with La Pierres International Ltd. based in Hong Kong, to launch global marketing effort of the AngelTouch device and AngelFormula skin care series in worldwide markets. In same year, manufacture line is started in China. By March 2014, the first AngelTouch production sample rolled out the production line and La Pierres is ready to take on the world stage.

Company Name:  La Pierres, Inc.
Business Address:  1620 Rangewood PL, San Jose, CA 95138
Business Phone Number:  USA: 408-605-8335
Company E-mail:  info@lapierres.com
Years in Business:  4 Years
Years in Profession:  4 Years
Company Founder:  USA: Yuchen Zhou, Hieu Tieu, Billy Wahng
International: Sean Tieu

La Pierres Description: Developed by La Pierres, AngelTouch® is a skin care device that effectively helps reduce the aging signs on facial and body areas, and helps the skin to look more radiant and youthful. - InfoFAQ Editorial Staff:

Title of Website: AngelTouch® by La Pierres USA
Company URL:  lapierres.com

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