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 Sprinter Parts Store

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Company Name:  Sprinter Store
Headquarters:  19460 SW 89th Ave. Tualatin, OR 97062
Phone Number:  503-822-0641
Fax Number:  503-855-3419
Tagline:  We Know Sprinters Inside And Out

Categories:  Sprinter Van,  Auto Parts,  Auto Mechanic

Company Description:  The Sprinter Store is your one-stop shop for everything Sprinter van related. If you're in the Portland area they can install aftermarket parts for you on site, or if you are located somewhere else across our great nation you can refer to their partnered businesses to install their parts for you. With over 15 years of experience with Sprinter van customization and modification, you can count on these experts to do a great job on every Sprinter vehicle you own--a single van or a commercial fleet. They also specialize in ProMaster vans and conversions and can custom fabricate modifications to every client's exact needs. True professionals with amazing knowledge!

Sprinter Store

Main Products and Services:  Installation, rear ladders, wiring kits, mirrors, panel safes, turbo hose adapters, chairs and seats, bumpers and guards, hood bras,  hitches, roof racks, door and slider steps, transmissions, brakes, cargo containers, floor mats, insect screens, suspension, struts, shocks, engine, alternators, diesel power, lighting, air filters, cleaning kits, and more accessories.

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