Question: Does Insurance Cover A Patient's Stay At The Monte Nido Treatment Center?

Answer: That is quite a complicated question and depends on a variety of factors: Has the client been treated at lower levels for their eating disorder and not been successful? If so, insurance will be more likely to cover residential treatment. Insurance companies generally require that this level of treatment be determined as "medically necessary". Is the client insured with a company that is contracted (i.e., in network) with Monte Nido? If so, the coverage of treatment will generally be paid at a higher level than that paid by an insurance company that is out-of-network. If Monte Nido is not in network with the client's insurance, the client is required to pay for treatment in advance. Monte Nido then attempts to get the client reimbursed by the insurance company to the extent covered by their policy, if there are out-of-network benefits and all criteria are met.

Answered by: Monte Nido

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