Question: How Did The Idea Of Buying Rainforest Through Cuipo Start?

Answer: We started developing a business concept and went and found individuals who wanted to help us with it. We realized that we could provide products and also include in the purchase the concept that when you buy something from us, you're buying it based on its own merits. You like the t-shirts, the sunglasses, or the flip flops because it's cool looking or it has great quality.

So what we have done is something very unique, and we have actually been able to patent this whole business model and we have included in the purchase of any product or service that is associated with Cuipo, at least one square meter of rainforest. Meaning that when you buy something from us there is a tag or some type of identification that has a code and when you go to the website and enter that code you actually see where your square meter of rainforest is in either Panama or Brazil.

Answered by: Cuipo

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