Question: How Do Most Companies Generate Leads?

Answer: What they could do is go to Dun and Bradstreet, or Hoovers, but they will find that they can only find medical practitioners or something very general rather than, let's say, doctor's offices. If you're providing a product or service that is specifically for dentists only, or a specific department and focus of a hospital, you'll have a tough time generating leads.

With PerfectLeads you can find that exact niche, the exact market that you want to focus on within seconds. We even allow businesses to test our system for free so they can see the results and see how it will benefit them before they even have to spend money.

Another great example of a way to generate leads is with mobile-friendly web developers. Mobile traffic is beginning to increase more and more at the expense of traditional desktop traffic but there are still so many companies out there without a mobile-friendly site. With the PerfectLeads system, we have the unique ability to search for websites and companies that are not mobile responsive and have no mobile redirects. You can also add additional filters! For example, you're a web developer and you only use Magento; you can search for companies using Magento while searching for clients that are not mobile-friendly or responsive. We want to help businesses generate the best leads possible—their perfect leads.

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