Question: What Are Malware And Spyware And How Are They A Threat To My Business?

Answer: Signature based solutions (which are what today's anti-viruses are) won't catch 100% of the threats. Some threats come in undetected because they are malware that is dormant on the computer; they send signals back to the hackers telling them where the exposure is, where the weakness is in the system, and they can take advantage of it whenever they want.
br> These types of threats stay undetected, on average, for a whole year. That's a really scary realization because you won't even know that you've been infected until something really bad happens, and at that time you have to go into damage control.

To really be secure from threats you need an advanced security system that is monitored by humans, so they can identify patterns and detect those threats before they are ever able to cause any damage.

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