Question: What Are The Positives And Negatives About Different Treatment Centers?

Answer: Positives and negatives depend on a variety of factors. A lot depends upon the person's willingness to get treatment and their outlook when they enter the facility. If they are reluctant to get help, their attitude will often be negative and not necessarily reflect the effectiveness of the facility and the quality of care offered. One of the principle positive factors of being in a treatment center is that a person is in 'neutral' surroundings and can feel free to express him/herself in ways that are uninhibited. A client remains in the treatment center for an extended period of time, in a controlled environment, making it easier to follow the program and not practice disordered eating habits because there is constant help and supervision from treatment professionals. Some treatment centers base their treatment around the 12-step program, which works well for many people but this does not suit all temperaments and core beliefs. Certain treatment centers base their treatment upon specifically Christian teachings, which may not be suitable for everyone.

Answered by: Monte Nido

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