Question: What Inspired The Idea For An Alarm For A Lost Cell Phone?

Answer: We just started out with a desire that we wanted to create a device that would keep people from walking away, or misplacing, or accidentally leaving their most valued possession that they carry. For a woman it used to be her purse, now its her cellphone. For a kid it used to be their backpack, now its a cellphone. For an adult going to work, it used to be pictures of their kids, now its their cellphone. Because you have all your contacts (1:25 interruption), we become so dependent on our mobile phones that virtually everything we do regarding tickets, GPS, whatever it is, that we really can't go without them. The genesis of this began with wanting to create a device that would remind people if your phone flipped out of your pocket at a movie theater and you walked away, or you're rushing out of the house in the morning because you're running late and you get out of the house, half way to work you realize you left your phone and you can't go back to get it. If you left it there your day is shot, you don't have a phone number that you remember you don't have other information that you may need and you just feel like that show Naked and Afraid without your mobile phone.

Answered by: ZOMM

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