Question: What Is Lead Generation And How Is It Important For A Business?

Answer: Lead generation is something that every business has to do either once, or on a recurring basis, because every company needs new leads so they can make money. Lead generation really started because the internet helped make it easier to find companies that you want to sell to. Sites like Hoovers and D&B are basically the YellowBook for businesses, but we noticed that their categories are too broad and not very helpful.

So PerfectLeads is coming in with the ability to make any type of category; for example, our system lets you find radiologists for pediatric dentists or cosmetic dentists. Essentially we can drill down deeper and deeper using our proprietary artificial intelligence and we can find or create any category that exists. We crawl over 100 other websites to learn what types of technology these businesses use; we obtain information such as the type of website or e-commerce platform they use, if they use Google Analytics, shopping platforms, etc. We also have third party data available on our site, such as social media followers, likes, and even a company's spending on AdWords.

The way you find your perfect lead is by using the various filters that we've created to sort through these companies and present to you the best suited leads—and you receive them almost instantaneously.

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