Question: What Should I Consider When Deciding To Remodel?

Answer: There are three basic paths when deciding to remodel. First, you can go to Home Depot, pick out your wood, and do-it-yourself. The second option is to go to a builder come to your home and tell them what you want; they will give you a price and floorplan, but they don't have detailed drawings or design process. Third, you can come to a company like ours that has a process for really developing all the parts and pieces of things. The people doing the design are also the people doing the build, so there is continuity throughout. Plus, our team has chemistry from all our past projects so they really communicate efficiently. We also make sure that our clients have a clear idea of what everything will be before any contracts are signed. Hundreds of questions have to be answered during that process, but we do as much of that up front as possible to make the entire project easier and less stressful.

Answered by: Craftsman Design

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