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DrCloudEMR is built by DrCloud Healthcare Solutions Inc, a wholly owned EnSoftek, Inc.subsidiary.

EnSoftek is a SBA certified 8(a) Business Development firm and an approved vendor to provide “Professional Services” under the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule 70, GSA 8(a) STARS II and GSA 736 contracts. EnSoftek has the ability to provide wide array of staff to meet clients diverse and evolving mission requirements and has successful past performance in the delivery of information technology solutions and services nationwide.

EnSoftek founded DrCloud Healthcare Solutions Inc to build useful, cost-effective state-of-the-art solutions for the healthcare industry. DrCloud is dedicated to this vision.

DrCloud is currently housed in EnSoftek offices in Beaverton, Oregon and India. It is led by a group of individuals who aim to serve the healthcare community by building cost-effective EMR software that will meet their day to day needs. Our philosophy is to utilize modern technology and make it work for our user community not the other way around.

DrCloud specializes in combining strategy, design, and technology to develop comprehensive and successful solutions for its clients just like our parent company. The customer is at the center of everything we develop without any compromise.


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Q & A with Dr Cloud EMR

Answers by Dr Cloud EMR

"Dr Cloud EMR includes state approved assessments, service plans, and notes that can be used recovery centers that provide services to assist with substance abuse, gambling, addiction, mental health, and overall wellness.." - Dr Cloud EMR

Behavioral Health EMR FAQ

What is behavioral health EMR software?

Software that enables behavioral agencies of all types and sizes to not only store patient treatment information electronically but also includes many practice management modules to manage clinical workflows that ensure services performed can be tracked and billed in an effective and efficient manner is called Behavioral Health EMR software.

How does your software provide a solution for Behavioral Health agencies?

DrCloudEMR enables Behavioral Health agencies, mental health professionals, therapists to treat patient health issues/concerns, track and monitor progress while meeting state and audit compliance requirements

What type of Behavioral Health agencies can Dr Cloud EMR accommodate?

Dr Cloud EMR is an EMR solution that is designed to be used by clinics and agencies in many industries. It also has modules specifically designed for the behavioral health industry. It includes state approved assessments, service plans, and notes that can be used recovery centers that provide services to assist with substance abuse, gambling, addiction, mental health, and overall wellness.

Does your Behavioral Health EMR software provide a billing solution?

Yes, DrCloudEMR includes a Billing Manager and Claims Manager module to generate and submit claims for billing. All claims are submitted via the OfficeAlly clearinghouse right from the Claims Manager. Golden Thread Quality Rules can be set so only visits/encounters meeting audit requirements can be billed, reducing audit risk for agencies. The Billing module includes management and tracking of Prior Authorization Numbers per visit or amount. In-depth receivable reports with aging are also include. Dr Cloud EMR can also submit information in Revenue Cycle Management systems.

Can Dr Cloud EMR help a clinic to organize client records?

Yes, Dr Cloud EMR provides multiple tools to organize client records. All assessments, treatments and notes are organized by visits or encounters. Staff can easily upload documents received in various format. The documents are also organized by visit or encounter for easy longitudinal viewing. Dr Cloud EMR provides a Forms Cabinet with many built-in assessments, treatment plans, consent forms, Release of Information records and so on. The Forms Workflow manager enables staff to create custom workflows and attachment them to appropriate visit categories. Once setup, staff is guided through the workflow to ensure required documents are not missed.

How does your software assist with psychiatric evaluation and mental status?

Dr Cloud EMR includes many state approved psychiatric and mental evaluation and assessment forms. These forms are designed to be intuitive and easy to use with little to no training. Patient demographic and historical information is automatically populated where applicable along with appropriate checks and alerts so staff can create compliant documentation.

Does your software help manage documents and client treatments?

DrCloudEMR has an integrated document management module that enables staff to upload documents securely and is stored as per NIST standards. Users can organize documents and treatment records per client similar to a paper file. Golden Thread quality rules can be created to ensure information in documents is in compliance with auditing requirements.

How are patient records stored with Dr Cloud EMR?

DrCloudEMR stores patient records securely using NIST standards. Role-based access and controls are used to ensure patient records are accessible only to authenticated and authorized users.

How secure are a patients records with Dr Cloud EMR?

DrCloudEMR secures data in motion and at rest. Users access DrCloudEMR using bank-grade security level SSL. The data stored is encrypted on disk. Only DrCloudEMR systems can access and view this information. Patient records are also backed up on a regular basis and stored in encrypted format that meets FIPS 140-2 standards.

How does your software track a client's performance, medication, and treatment goals?

DrCloudEMR provides a rules based system to track Client performance and treatment goals. Agencies can setup specific rules and alerts using the Golden Thread Quality Management system. This allows them to track when assessments are due and track treatment objectives. DrCloudEMR also provides a Treatment Administration Record manager to manage medications administered and upcoming medications.

Does your system provide scheduling assistance and appointment reminders?

DrCloudEMR has an integrated calendar management module. Staff can setup available times, client appointments and reminders. DrCloudEMR also interfaces with appointment reminder systems like Clienttell systems that provide email, SMS and phone reminders.

Can patients access their health information?

Yes, patients access their health information, setup appointments and download information using the DrCloudEMR patient portal. This is one of the requirements of a meaningful use certified complete EHR.

What is cloud-based EMR?

A Cloud-based EMR is an EMR system that is built upon Cloud based technologies. Unlike traditional Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, cloud technologies provide the ability to scale up or down without requiring to deploy any physical hardware. Typically this is in the order of minutes.

Is there a way to access lab results?

Lab results data is a key component for clinical decision making which is why DrCloudEMR can interface with LabCorp and Quest Labs systems to provide agency staff with access with Lab Results with discrete field data. This data can then be used to track and trend patient results.

Is your system easy to use and customizable?

DrCloudEMR is focused on providing clinical staff with the information required to provide excellent care in an efficient manner. Our engineers work hard making sure the system is intuitive, requires minimum navigation and is extensively customizable.

Has your company received any notable recognition or awards for the Dr Cloud EMR software?

DrCloudEMR is Meaningful use certified by ICSA labs and was featured as the App of the Month by Nuance 360. The DrCloudEMR solution framework has also been selected by public organizations like the Peace Corps and the Armed Forces Retirement Home.

Does your software have voice recognition?

Yes, DrCloudEMR leverages Nuance 360, the cloud based version of Dragon Medical software. Voice recognition functions can be accessed using mobile devices (iPads), PCs or MACs.

Answers by DrCloudEMR

Behavioral Health EMR Solutions

EMR Software

Behavioral Health EMR

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Behavioral Health EMR FAQ

Dr Cloud EMR Software FAQ

Behavioral Health Software FAQ

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