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Purchase any ZOMM product and customize with color, accessories, extended warranty and method of shipping to please the most discerning online shopper.

Why do we do it?

To make a difference in the safety and security arenas of today's marketplace.
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Company History

The Wireless Leash was created by ZOMM in 2009 and won best of innovations award in Jan 2010 at the world's largest consumer electronic show, CES. ZOMM then created the Wireless Leash Plus with MFI for Apple products and was in all Apple stores and online. ZOMM has exceeded 1billion media impressions worldwide, as it relates to safety, security and everyone with a mobile phone. ZOMM has also created two other products that have won the CES awards, but will be released later..ZOMM


"I work in a hospice and have purchased 8 ZOMM Wireless Leashes for my patients and programed my mobile phone number in each. Now when they need me, I'm one button press away. Thank you so much for this amazing invention" - ZOMM Wireless Leash

"I purchased a Wireless Leash for my husband, a Doctor in Hawaii, as he was always misplacing his phone. Ever since, he has been able to find his phone and access all the important patient information stored therein - ZOMM TV Interview

ZOMM Available in White, Pink, or Black Bluetooth

InfoFAQ Expert Merchant - ZOMM Company ProfileiPhone Alarm Finder

Answers by ZOMM

"Any mobile phone with Bluetooth on any platform will work with the ZOMM Wireless leash" - ZOMM

ZOMM iPhone Alarm Questions and Answers

What Inspired Your Idea About an Alarm for a Cell Phone?

We just started out with a desire that we wanted to create a device that would keep people from walking away, or misplacing, or accidentally leaving their most valued possession that they carry. For a woman it used to be her purse, now its her cellphone. For a kid it used to be their backpack, now its a cellphone. For an adult going to work, it used to be pictures of their kids, now its their cellphone. Because you have all your contacts (1:25 interruption), we become so dependent on our mobile phones that virtually everything we do regarding tickets, GPS, whatever it is, that we really can't go without them. The genesis of this began with wanting to create a device that would remind people if your phone flipped out of your pocket at a movie theater and you walked away, or you're rushing out of the house in the morning because you're running late and you get out of the house, half way to work you realize you left your phone and you can't go back to get it. If you left it there your day is shot, you don't have a phone number that you remember you don't have other information that you may need and you just feel like that show Naked and Afraid without your mobile phone.

Why Bluetooth?

We designed this unit utilizing bluetooth which is the protocol now that nearly every phone is built with, when we were doing business with Apple and were having discussions with the Apple developers, we bet on Bluetooth because Apple was betting on Bluetooth. So we designed our system to utilize it, and we're glad we did now because every phone has it. So with this bluetooth connection we wanted a person who is going to walk away from their phone a certain distance for it to go off and warn them.

How did the Alarm idea come about?

We wanted it first to give a vibration, so its non-intrusive. If they don't feel it, we wanted them to see it, so we added lights which start blinking after a certain time period. And if they don't feel it or see it, we also put something in so they could hear it. The alarm starts off at a low pitch and gets higher and higher until the person realizes they left their phone. We want them to be proactive, not reactive.

Is the Wireless Leash easy for anyone?

With our device you won't lose your phone in the first place. We wanted something that would remind people that they left their phone behind, but wouldn't be a nuisance when someone staying at home leaves their phone in their bedroom. We did the feel, the see, and the hear, so that even the hearing impaired could use it. Etc. Etc.

What about the Speakerphone?

As we were making the design we thought “what if we put a speakerphone with it so that people could actually answer calls” and if you wanted to put it in your car you could hook it up to your visor and accept calls and drive hands free. So we created the safe driving kit which has a custom visor which is only by ZOMM and made for us we actually tooled it and everything. So that it would have sound channeling technology so you put the ZOMM in it with the speaker facing the visor, and at the back of the visor there is a little metal piece about a 1/16 of an inch gap where when someones voice comes out the back of the speaker it bounces off of the back of the metal piece and it channels sound back to the driver. So it is a very clear, loud, and robust system with a noise-canceling mic. We've even had it tested with someone driving down the road with the top off, you don't hear the wind noise if you're talking to them through the ZOMM. So we created that as well, the safe driving kit, we put the speakerphone and the noise-canceling mic in it

What wireless devices does ZOMM work with?

Any mobile phone with Bluetooth on any platform.

Will the ZOMM alarm sound if bluetooth connection is lost?

Yes, but you have the option to customize and turn this feature off.

How do you turn off the alarm when it has been activated?

Press the center Z button (only one button on the ZOMM Wireless Leash)

How far away do you have to be from your wireless device for the alert to sound?

Depends on obstructions between you and the device. A clear path and you could go 40-50 feet. If doors, walls or people are obstructing, then 25-30 feet.

Can the alarm notification settings be changed?

Yes, not the tone, just on or off.

iPhone Keys Alarm Finder

How does ZOMM help you find your keys?

Most wear the ZOMM Wireless Leash on their keychain. If you turn Blue tooth off on your phone, the ZOMM WL will sound off and you can find your keys

Author: Henry Penix
Interview with : ZOMM
Interviewer: Craig Russell
Google Plus: ZOMM


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