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"Many higher-end condos also have valet parking, onsite full time concierge and security, nicer gym facilities, fitness classes and an attended spa." - Amorette Robertson

Miami's Luxury Condos Q&A

Why would someone choose a condo over a home in Miami?

An individual who does not have the time or inclination to maintain a home and who travels frequently may prefer a condo rather than a single family home - a condo is easier to secure, is considerably less maintenance, and is usually safer in the event of a hurricane. Additionally, there are very few single family homes located on the beach so someone desiring oceanfront living generally has to choose a condo unless they have a multi-million dollar purchasing budget.

What are living fees associated with a condo compared to a residential home?

Depending on the condominium and home, generally speaking, condos cost less per month to maintain than a single family home as there is no yard and landscaping, no roof maintenance, pool maintenance, etc. The condo association hires a management company who takes care of all of the amenities which is paid for through the monthly maintenance fees. The individual condo owner is only responsible for the interior of his or her unit. All unit owners in a condo building share the costs of improvements which further reduces the risk of significant home improvement costs. Some luxury condos however, may have monthly maintenance fees that would exceed the cost to maintain a small home with minimal yard and landscaping. Insurance costs may be higher in a single family home as well as condominium buildings share the cost of insuring the common areas.

What Do Luxury Condos Offer that a traditional condo community doesn't?

Luxury condos generally provide more full service amenities such as attended beach area and pool and they offer towels, cushions and umbrellas so the resident does not have to provide their own. Many higher-end condos also have valet parking, onsite full time concierge and security, nicer gym facilities, fitness classes and an attended spa.

Are Most Luxury Condos Leased, Rented, or Purchased?

The majority of luxury condos are purchased but owners often rent them out if they purchased the unit as an investment property or second home. The Miami market has a high percentage of renters currently as it is more difficult to obtain a mortgage.

Why did u start with luxury real estate?

It's just as hard to sell a 150,000 dollar home as it is to sell a million dollar home.

What do u provide that other agents don't?

16 years of experience and local knowledge. High level education with up to date education. Professional presentation print outs. Follow up and build out and decorating services.

As a listing agent?

Staging services, internet marketing, professional marketing tools.

Answers by Miami Property Pro


Miami Luxury Real Estate

Luxury Real Estate

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