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The Ultimate guide to scoring 2400 on the SAT

Why do we do it?

To help students succeed on the SAT.-Guide Paradise

Company History

GuideParadise was started by two students who scored 2400 and 2350 on the SAT after self-study. - Guide Paradise

Reviews and Feedback

"I bought your guide online and am working through it. So far I've found it to be great; it's worth tons more than the $10 price. Those tips for the CR section were especially helpful to me"- Alexa (Harvard)

"This guide taught me strategies that improved my SAT score by over 330 points after just two months of concentrated work. With just a little work every week, I easily obtained the score I wanted.- Kevin (UC Berkeley)

Guide Paradise - SAT Guide for Scoring High

SAT Guide to Scoring High

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Answers by Guide Paradise

"You should start studying for the SAT as early as possible, preferably in 9th-10th grade. " - Guide Paradise

SAT Guide to Scoring High Questions and Answers

Are any practice tests included in the Guide Paradise SAT book?

Yes, we have 8 FREE practice tests included with the guide.

How many points can I increase my SAT score by?

Our average customer increases their SAT score by 250 points after using our guide.

Is it really possible to improve your SAT score without a tutor?

Yes it is absolutely possible. Both of our co-authors improved their SAT score just through self-study and without any expensive tutors.

What kind of SAT scores do you need to get into Ivy League schools like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, and UPENN, Duke, and Dartmouth?

To get into the Ivies, you need at least 2150. To increase your chances further, you need at least 2250.

When can you take the SAT?

The SAT is offered 7 times per year, and the schedule is found on the CollegeBoard:

When should you start studying for the SAT?

You should start studying for the SAT as early as possible, preferably in 9th-10th grade.

Author: Brian Roizen
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Interviewer: Craig Russell
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