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About Achronix

  Achronix Semiconductor Corporation

Headquarters:  2953 Bunker Hill Lane, Santa Clara, CA 95054
Toll Free:  408–889–4100

Main Products and Services:  Embedded FPGAs, Standalone FPGAs, Speedcore, Speedster22i, ACE Software, CAD Environment, Accelerator Boards, Embedded Field-Programmable Gate Array, Field-Programmable Gate Array.

2016-2017 Release: Speedcore™ Embedded FPGA

Company Description:   Achronix Semiconductor Corp. is a privately owned company based in Santa Clara, California that was founded in 2004. Achronix produced the first ever embedded FPGA (eFPGA) product and they also produce other high-end standalone FPGA products. The technology company has been leading innovation in the FPGA market segment since moving from Ithaca, New York to Silicon Valley where it remains today. In 2017, Achronix made headlines when they announced 700% revenue growth with sales topping $100 million.

Chief Executive Officer:  Robert Blake
Founder / Chief Technology Officer: Virantha Ekanayake

Industry:  Semiconductors, Information Technology, Computers, FPGA.

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Bloomberg on Achronix - "Achronix Semiconductor Corporation operates as a privately held fabless corporation. The Company offers FPGA solutions including embedded FPGA (eFPGA), as well as programmable FPGA fabrics, discrete high-performance and high-density FPGAs with hardwired system-level blocks, data center, and HPC hardware accelerator boards."

UBM 2017 Company of the Year - Achronix Wins UBM 2017 Company of the Year Award.

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