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Donate To Archie's Kids: In loving memory of Archie the Therapy Dog, Casa Pacifica has established a permanent Archie Fund to memorialize his amazing work and to continue supporting the children and youth he served and loved. Archie is greatly missed but the famous therapy dog will forever be in our hearts. 

Main Services: Archie played a vital role in the lives of the kids at Casa Pacifica. Whether he excitedly played with them, enjoyed being petted sweetly, or simply mosied around quietly, this gentle giant provided a level of love and friendship that the kids so deeply needed and appreciated.

Description: Archie is a Newfoundland dog that helped take care of the children at Casa Pacifica. Archibald RazzMaTazz (better known as "Archie") faithfully offered "warm hugs, sloppy kisses, a listening ear, and a gentle presence for children in need."

Company History: In the summer of 1994, Casa Pacifica Centers for Children & Families began helping neglected and abused children, many of whom were also suffering from severe emotional distress. By 1996, Casa Pacifica's services had extended to a private special education school to help students during the day, in addition to those staying at the facility overnight. Today, the Casa Pacifica helps nearly 500 children on a daily basis, all of whom Archie supports with his new Archie's Kids Fund!