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Does a coated garage floor make it less slippery? by Bach Custom Coatings
What is a coated garage floor? by Bach Custom Coatings
What if I have cracks in the floor? by Bach Custom Coatings
How long will a coated floor last? by Bach Custom Coatings
Is there a lot of maintenance once the coated floor is installed? by Bach Custom Coatings
What makes Bach CC a good choice for coated floors? by Bach Custom Coatings
Would a restaurant benefit from having the floor coated? by Bach Custom Coatings
What about dust and dirt, and is a coated garage floor easier to keep clean? by Bach Custom Coatings
Does a coated garage floor cause any water or moisture problems? by Bach Custom Coatings
Should I try to do it myself? by Bach Custom Coatings
Are there any harmful chemicals used that might be unsafe for children? by Bach Custom Coatings
Does Bach CC always use the best materials? by Bach Custom Coatings

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About Bach Custom Coatings

 Bach Custom Coatings

Bach Custom Coatings
Address: 11707 SE 40th Ave, Milwaukie, OR 97222
Portland Phone: (503) 860-9094

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Customer Review

Outstanding Job

I contacted three different contractors regarding having our garage floor coated, after speaking with Jeff I was very comfortable hiring him for the job. Very glad we did. He and his crew did an outstanding job from start to finish. They showed up on time everyday they were at the house, didn't leave a mess and the floor looks outstanding....even my wife likes it :) Wouldn't hesitate recommending them at all.

  • They Were On Time
  • They Were Friendly
  • They Were Professional
  • First Time Using Them
  • They Were Good About Answering
  • They Had Reasonable Rates