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Bachrach Clothing

Description: "We're a men's retail company that has been around since 1877 and our product offering is the best men's suits for your money. We offer the best price for the best quality suits you can get. In stores we offer a higher level of customer service that you won't get a traditional retail store. To the point that we will deliver suits, we will come to your home, we offer more edgy or European focused garments, and because we manufacture all our own products we avoid the middleman and pass on those savings to the consumer." 

Products and Brands: From socks to suits and everything in between. We have underclothing, sportswear, accessories. Everything we carry is under our proprietary brands, the Bachrach brands. We do have a group of products under the Parc 81 brand which is exclusive to Bachrach. Parc 81 is the youngest, slimmest fitting product for the younger customers. For more traditional customers we have classic fitting suits with the traditional look and feel. - Brian Lipman, CEO

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