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About BeenTrill

 Beentrill - Save the Rainforest Products with a Purpose

Main Products and Services: BeenTrill focuses on producing creative and high-quality t-shirts, hats, and sweatshirts for men and women. BeenTrill has collaborated with established brands such as Stussy as well as with international designers for fashion shows and presentations in countries including France, the United Kingdom, and others. - Beentrill

Description: #BEENTRILL# is an art collective and DJ crew whose image and sound is defined by the frenzy of new youth culture found on the pages of the deep web and on the blocks of big cities. Working in all mediums from 3D body scans to mix tapes to apparel design #BEENTRILL# has created an art practice that sees no limits. They examine the area where hi-brow meets lo-brow; the runways in Paris to the bootleggers on Canal Street. They find inspiration when highfi merges with low-fi; an augmented reality app for wheat paste posters. Through experimental sound, innovation and technology #BEENTRILL# has created a lifestyle brand that is for the next wave of net surfers..- Beentrill

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