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Bricks and Minifigs


Corporate Headquarters
250 SE 1st Ave
Canby, OR 97013

Franchise Opportunities
[email protected]

Description: Bricks & Minifigs® is a franchise one-stop LEGO® shop! It is the largest toy store of itskind, specializing in new and used LEGO® toys.

History: I was always a big fan of LEGOS but I hadn't played with them in a long time. Eventually I came into an opportunity to buy and sell them and my passion for LEGOS grew from a hobby into a business. I ran into David who had been buying and selling LEGOS for even longer than me, we became good friends and we started working more and more together until it evolved into a retail business. With the success we have seen in our business we realized that we need to turn it into a franchise and reach new limits.  John - Bricks and Minifigs

Quote from the Founder: "In my business, I play with toys all day." - John, Bricks and Minifigs

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