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Company Description:  Calico Construction Products is owned and operated by Concrete Accessories, Inc. in Las Vegas, Nevada and was established in 1971. Calico offers various products used to create decorative concrete and asphalt. Brands they supply include Proline Concrete Tools, Smith Paint Products, and their own brand of Calico Construction Products. They are a family owned and operated business that is commited to providing excellent customer service which is why they have an established, solid reputation. Las Vegas happens to be the industry leading city for showcasing decorative concrete, therefore Calico Products has had their concrete stamps tested by the best concrete contractors in the world. Most hotels, casinos, and malls in the area were given decorative concrete designs through the Calico brand including these most notable: The Bellagio, Caesar's Palace, The Mirage, Mandalay Bay, The Venetian, Wynn, Red Rock Station, and the MGM Properties. Calico Construction Products is commited to their distributors and contractors and guarantees your satisfaction!

Main Products and Services:  Concrete stamps, concrete colors, concrete tools, concrete sealants and sealers, concrete crack repair, concrete resurfacing, asphalt resurfacing, and other concrete accessories.


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