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 ConMet Innovative Commercial Truck Wheels and Brake Products

Headquarters:  Consolidated Metco, Inc. 5701 SE Columbia Way, Vancouver, WA 98661
Toll Free:  844-343-4150

Main Products and Services:  Hub assemblies, Hub and Rotor Assemblies, Brake Drums OEM Plastic Components, OEM Aluminum Castings, Aftermarket Wheel Bearings, Wheel Seals, and Rebuild Kits.

Company Description:   ConMet stands for Consolidated Metco, Inc., and we are a manufacturing company with our headquarters in Vancouver Washington. We develop, manufacture, and create products made from lightweight aluminum for the heavy-duty transportation industry. This includes rail transportation, heavy-duty trucking, commercial vehicles and trailers. Our main products are brake drums, pub and rotor assemblies, aluminum castings, and plastic components. We serve truck OEMs and commercial fleets. We market our products through various channels, for example truck dealers, trailer dealers, independent distributors, and others throughout all of North America. Our company was founded in 1964 and we have manufacturing facilities in Vancouver, Washington; Monterrey, Mexico; Changyi City, China; Clackamas, Oregon; Etowah, Tennessee; and Canton, Bryson City, and Monroe, North Carolina, as well as a warehouse in Canada. ConMet is a subsidiary of Amsted Industries, Inc. - ConMet

Industry:  Heavy Duty Trucking Components, Parts, and Systems

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