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About Cooperative Systems

 CoopSys - Managed IT Services


Company Description: Cooperative Systems, or CoopSys, will manage IT services for other companies at a fraction of their current expense. CoopSys offers Information Technology support services for data backup and disaster recovery, network security, cloud solutions for servers and hosting, and much more. They also provide unlimited 24x7 help desk support for anything and everything IT. Cooperative Systems currently works with businesses in various industries including the financial sector, healthcare, non-profit organizations, manufacturing and many others. 

Categories:  Managed IT Services,  Information Technology,  IT Support, Network Security

Main Services: Managed IT Services, Data Backup and Disaster Recovery, Cloud Solutions, Hosted Exchange, Device Management, Wireless Networking, Infrastructure, Anti-virus Security, and Advanced Security Systems.

Locations and Service Areas:
Serving Boston, MA and Hartford, CT

80 Lamberton Road
Windsor, CT 06095
860-523-1000 for Sales
877-COOPSYS for Support

67 South Bedford Street, Suite 400 West
Burlington, MA 01803
781-496-3075 for Sales
877-COOPSYS for Support


Additional Support:
24/7  IT Help Desk

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