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 Cuipo - Save the Rainforest Products with a Purpose

Main Products and Services: Cuipo has over 70 license categories ranging from watches to gift items. Cuipo has developed over 600 separate SKU's and forecast at least 1000 different SKU's being developed and sold by year end 2014. Each product includes one or more meters of primary rainforest. Cuipo currently sell in over 500 retail locations in North America including GUND, SIGG, Sprouts, PacSun and Whole Foods. Additionally, they have global licensing agents representing Cuipo in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Brazil and North America and recently established a joint venture/office in Berlin, Germany - Cuipo

Description: Cuipo is a lifestyle brand dedicated to preserving prime rainforest around the globe. Cuipo was created to inspire the preservation of our planet's most vital ecosystem by empowering individuals and institutions to act and become responsible trustees of our planet. Through green education, brand activation, and product licensing we raise awareness about the rainforest and deforestation. We strive to make rainforest preservation fun, effective and easy. Our preservation efforts are centered on the belief that the best way to stop rainforest deforestation is to buy the land and preserve it. We do just that. With revenue from our product lines and partnerships, we purchase large parcels of land for transfer to our non-profit foundation, One Meter at a Time, for permanent preservation. Every Cuipo product sold, whether a t-shirt, bracelet or reusable water bottle, saves rainforest.- Cuipo

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