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Curtis Lepore's Dog: Buster Beans

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About Curtis Lepore

Curtis Lepore

Vine: Curtis Lepore on Vine
Online Store:
Business Email: [email protected]

Professional Biography:  Originally from Central New York, Curtis Lepore moved to Los Angeles to pursue his artistic interests, and has since successfully gained international popularity through his social media profiles, particularly Vine – the first platform of its kind to recognize his talents on a grand scale and introduce him to new opportunities related to videography and photography.

Philanthropy:  Curtis Lepore believes in giving back to his community, and participates in various charity events throughout the year. He recently attended the Stuff-A-Truck charity event, which focuses on donating toys to underprivileged children. He will also be involved in an upcoming charity basketball game.

What People Are Saying:  Curtis Lepore has been described as "Fun, funny, kind hearted, creative, incredibly kind and generous." His friends say that he "Gives freely [without] looking for anything in return…he's always down to shoot [a creative Vine video] and works very hard. [He has a] great attitude, believes in his work, and doesn't short change anything."

Fun Facts about Curtis Lepore:

- Enjoys graphic design
- Ran track as a high school freshman
- His favorite sport in high school was "video games"
- His now-famous dog Buster Beans is the star of his first Vine video
- Buster Beans now has over a million of his own followers on Vine
- Adopted Buster Beans five years ago from an elderly couple who could no longer care for him
- Curtis Lepore is happily dating girlfriend Claire Felske
- He is currently hosting #MarchKindness on his website


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