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Main Services: eRep provides companies a unique solution to locate, review and hire the best people for their companies’ needs.

Company Description: eRep is an online career portal that screens, ranks, and matches candidates nationwide with employers across a broad spectrum of industries. eRep’s career portal offers employers and job seekers a significant advantage over its competitors in the online recruiting industry.  With a unique screening system that includes industry-specific aptitude testing, social media technologies, the Core Values Index human operating system assessment and verification of credentials, eRep saves employers time and money by clearing out unqualified job applicants and ranking the top talent available.    Job seekers who pass the screening process also win.  Their profiles are ranked for viewing by some of the top employers in the country, rather than getting lost among the millions of unverified résumés submitted on other online recruiting websites.

Company History:  eRep started 6 years ago as a small technology solution for testing applicants for positions.  As the technology developed and transformed the founders realized that there were additional solutions needed in the market place.  Travis Stovall and Anthony Vos continued working on the website technology and in 2013 launched its latest iteration and solution by combing their software with the Core Values Index developed by Lynn Ellsworth Taylor.  Together the system is seeing phenomenal adoption by companies looking to build high performance teams.

Quote from the Owner: “’s sole purpose is to cause the right person to be placed in the right seat”



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