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'Evergreen Pest Management' Questions and Answers

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 Evergreen Pest Management Termite Control

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About Evergreen Pest Management

  Evergreen Pest Management and Pest Control

Company Name:  Evergreen Pest Management
Phone Number:  503-537-5031
Established:  1996
Tagline:  No Bugs For You!

Category:  Pest Control

Company Description:  Evergreen Pest Management was founded in 1996 by Ed Belding and continues to uphold the outstanding level of service it has been known for since day one. Using an Integrated Pest Management system (IPM), Evergreen Pest Management is able to efficiently control insects around businesses and homes with the safest and least invasive processes available. Evergreen services customer locations every two months but will come out ahead of schedule if reapplication is needed, free of charge!

Main Products and Services:  Pest control, termite control, insect spray, bedbugs, termites, wasps, ants, beetles, bees, rodents, house flies, roaches, and more.

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 Tualatin Chamber of Commerce

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