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Company Description: Located in Southern California's beautiful city of Thousand Oaks, Haaland Group provides a full range of civil engineering services, including landscape architecture, land planning and surveying, project redevelopment, and construction management. - Haaland Group

Website Description: Haaland Group is a well-established, reputable civil engineering firm specializing in construction management, land planning, surveying, and landscape architecture. - InfoFAQ Editorial Staff

Company History: Robert S. Haaland founded the Haaland Group in 1971, after years of building valuable civil engineering experience, including the surveying and mapping of Yellowstone National Park. Since then, the company has become an industry leader, having provided civil engineering services for Dole Headquarters, Sherwood Country Club, and Dos Vientos estates. - Haaland Group

Quote from the Owner: "We provide years of building valuable civil engineering experience." - Haaland Group

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