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About HVAC Express

HVAC Express

Website:  stores.hvacexpress.com

Company CategoryBuilding Materials, Home Improvement, Residential and Commercial Ventilation Products

Company DescriptionHVACexpress.com takes great pride in supplying "better quality" vents and HVAC Accessories to their customers. The public has asked for sturdy parts, reasonable prices, and timely delivery and HVACExpress.com delivers in all categories. The majority of their hundereds of part offerings are stocked and ready to ship quickly. Customers are able to easily navigate their webpage, locate and purchase parts, and automatically receive tracking information when their order is shipped. Ship directly to your jobsite or customize your order. HVAC Express strives to make your online purchase easy and is readily accessible via email or telephone to answer customer questions.

Company HistoryHVAC Express "opened its online doors" in 2009 as a sister company to the established business: Luxury Metals. The goal of HVAC Express is to provide the same excellent quality and customer service as Luxury Metals but to offer heavy gauge parts in galvanized and aluminum as opposed to copper and stainless steel. The concept has been successful. Homeowners, roofers, builders, and architects have found HVAC Express to be a gret business to work with, and we look forward to working with you!

Main Products:  Duct dampers, roof vents, exterior wall vents, fresh air intake vents, butterfly backdraft dampers, foundation vents, roof flashing, roof jacks, eave vents, HVAC duct adaptors, storm collars, roof vents, dryer vents, residential vents, industrial vents, gas vents, range hood vents, bathroom vents, chimney caps, and turbine vents.

Quote from the Owner "Our company will provide better quality American-made HVAC parts quickly to our customers across the United States and Canada." 

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2187 SW Main St, Suite #10
Portland, OR 97205

Contact E-mails
[email protected] 
[email protected] 
[email protected]

Phone Number
(503) 577-2864

News and Analysis

 HVAC Express on Amazon - HVAC Express has updated inventory and pricing for their vents and dampers in the Amazon Marketplace.

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