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Company Description: Norwood Press is committed to supporting authors during all phases of the writing and publishing process. Respect for the artist and the art is the hallmark of the Norwood Press business philosophy. Delivering books that reflect the highest in craftsmanship, Norwood Press produces specialty bound limited editions of bestselling titles, and exclusive hardcover releases. These books are distributed through independent booksellers and directly to collectors worldwide. Working directly with Norwood Press, authors can deliver new titles not available in traditional print editions to collectors and readers who prefer the relationship with the author and printed page. Additionally, Norwood Press produces out-of-print titles or specialty bindings of titles available in other formats. We facilitate all phases of book design and production, marketing and publicity, sales, warehousing, distribution and fulfillment.

"Our editions are made from top quality materials that include marbled boards, special endpapers with matching slipcases." - John Hutchinson, Owner of Norwood Press

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