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What Is Ovation Guitars? by Ovation

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 Ovation Guitars

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About Ovation

Ovation Guitars

Website Description: "Ovation Guitars is a leading brand of electric and acoustic guitars and preamplifiers, with a vast array of styles and unique sounds." - Ovation

Company History: "The history of Ovation Guitars begins with pioneer Charlie Kaman, whose initial career was paved along the path of aircrafts. With a love for both aircrafts and music, he started Kaman Aircraft Corporation in 1945 and the Kaman Music Corporation in 1966. Along with his expertise in aircraft manufacturing and a team of engineers, Kaman applied the same aerodynamic methodology used in developing helicopters to create his first guitar, the Ovation.
Kaman's Ovation Guitars soon became popular among prominent bands and musicians - particularly Glen Campbell. Various new styles of Ovation Guitars were developed over the years, including the Balladeer Series, the Glen Campbell Series, the Folklore Series, the Adamas Series, and the Elite Series.
Today Ovation Guitars is a leading manufacturer of acoustic and electric guitars, sold internationally and endorsed by famous bands and musicians around the world." - Ovation

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