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 Sly Bald Guys

About Sly Bald Guys

 Sly Bald Guys

Company Description

Sly Bald Guys was started to create a community to give bald men, balding men, those that are bald by choice an entertaining and informative place to congregate on the web. The mission of Sly Bald Guys is to become the leading site for men to find information regarding being bald, build confidence about being bald, express how proud they are to be bald, and build the best and largest bald community in the world. - Sly Bald Guys

Company History

After shaving my head for a couple of years I started to get questions from guys that were balding about why I shaved my head and if I thought they should shave their head too. I could tell that these guys were struggling because of their hair loss and were looking for answers. I started to do some research to see if there was a website that I could send these guys dealing with hair loss to, but I either found websites that were dedicated to reversing hair loss with drugs like Rogaine, Propecia and other harmful drugs, or using expensive techniques such as hair transplants and hair systems. I decided that men needed a positive place to go where they could learn ways to gain confidence as a bald man.