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About Star Oilco

 Star Oilco - Fueling Services Company

Company Name:  Star Oilco
Address:  232 NE Middlefield Road, Portland, OR 97211
Founded:  1936
Phone:  503-283-1256
Fax:  503-283-1736
E-mail:  [email protected]
Tagline:  "Fueling Around Since 1936."

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Categories:  Diesel Fuel, Fuel Theft, Fueling Services, On-Site Refueling

Company Description:  Star Oilco is a locally owned company that provides various fueling services to businesses both small and large. Star Oilco specializes in bulk fuel, fuel montioring, fuel theft prevention with Cardlock, fleet refueling, on-site refueling, and PFM (Preceision Fuel Management). When Star Oilco manages the fueling needs of their clients they increase efficiency and help save money by avoiding at-the-pump taxes and costly overtime pay. They supply gasoline, diesel, kerosene, biodiesel, and ultra-low sulfur heating oil. Their commitment to sustainability is evident by their commitment to provide biofuels to both commercial and retail consumers. Let Star Oilco manage your fuel so you can focus on your business!

Main Products and Services:  Bulk fuel, B20 biodiesel, biofuels, Cardlock, corporate fueling, diesel fuel, diesel delivery, dyed diesel, fleet refueling, fuel delivery, fuel filters, fuel filtration, fuel monitoring, fuel theft, gasoline, heating oil, off-road diesel, Pacific Pride fuel advantage cards, petroluem provider, Precision Fuel Management, sustainability, total fuel management, and wet hosing.


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