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 My name is Tim Campbell and I am the Founder of  Over the past three years, we have become one of the fastest growing online smoke free technology stores in the United States. Here's our story! It all started after receiving an electronic cigar as a gift from my brother. At the time, it occurred to me that it didn't produce "ash" like a traditional tobacco cigar. So I thought..."Why not design a PV that could be enjoyed from both sides?" A two sided electronic cigarette would expand my vapor capacity and allow me to instantly switch flavors.  After completing some conceptual drawings, I decided to build a prototype. I was stoked with the way the prototype turned out and discovered several more benefits than I originally conceived.  As a result, I decided to fully develop my product. Hence, the SWITCHBACK and VaporBeast were born! Beyond the SWITCHBACK, it's been our goal to develop and distribute a collection of some of the most innovative products on the market and make them available to you at affordable prices. Our mission is simple...If it's not "BEAST" you will not see it on this site! 


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