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 VJ Books - Collectible Books

Company Name:  VJ Books

Headquarters:  PO Box 3131 , Tualitan , Oregon 97062
Website: www.vjbooks.com
E-mail Address:   customerservice@vjbooks.com
Phone Number:  503-750-5310
Fax Number:  503-433-1939
Tagline:  VJ Books - Signed Collectible First Editions

Category:  Collectible Books, Books

Company Description:  VJ Books is an independent book seller that specializes in offering modern, collectible-grade, first-edition, and limited-edition fiction books to book collectors across the country. They have built relationships with close to seven hundred authors and have over 50,000 collectible books in their inventory, many of which have been signed and autographed by the authors. All collectibles have been graded by John, the co-owner, by hand and are backed by their generous return policy. Whether you are looking for books of a particular author, genre, hardcover, or paperback, you can find what you're looking for at VJ Books.

Main Products and Services:  Collectible books, collector's items, signed books, rare books, signature pages, graded books, used books, autographed books, signed bookplates, author bookplates, signed labels, bestselling books, signed bestsellers, paperback books, hardcover books, scarce books, fiction, mystery, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, young adult, Clive Cussler books, Dennis McMillan books, and many other bestselling authors.

Channels: YouTube, Blog Talk Radio, Amazon

Top Authors    
Clive Cussler Kyle Mills J. A. Jance
Hugh Howey Martin Limon David Weber
Felix Francis Tasha Alexander Ridley Pearson
Heather Graham Rick Riordan Matthew Dunn
Jeffrey Archer Gregg Hurwitz John Sandford

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Signed Book Genres

Action Collections Humor
Adventure Fantasy Mysteries
Anthologies Graphic Novels Non-fiction
British UK Editions Horror Science Fiction

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