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'ZOMM' Questions and Answers

How Far Away Do You Have To Be For ZOMM To Alert You? by ZOMM
Is There A Way To Track Where Your ZOMM Device Is Located? by ZOMM
Does ZOMM Use Bluetooth? by ZOMM
Can ZOMM Alarm Settings Be Changed? by ZOMM
Can ZOMM Emergency Settings Be Changed? by ZOMM
Will The ZOMM Alarm Sound If Bluetooth Connection Is Lost? by ZOMM
How Can You Track Where Your Wireless Device Is With ZOMM? by ZOMM
How Did ZOMM Come Up With The Panic Alarm? by ZOMM
Can You See Where Your Phone Was Last Connected With ZOMM? by ZOMM
How Do You Activate The Emergency ZOMM Notification? by ZOMM
How Do You Turn ZOMM Alarm Off? by ZOMM
Does ZOMM Provide Medical Information When Contacting 911? by ZOMM
Why Is ZOMM Called A Wireless Leash? by ZOMM
What Other Features Are Built Into The ZOMM Panic Alarm? by ZOMM
What Is A Mobile Emergency Dialing Device? by ZOMM
Will ZOMM Ever Accidentally Call 911? by ZOMM
Does ZOMM Have Speakerphone? by ZOMM
Why Does ZOMM Have An Alarm? by ZOMM
Is The Wireless Leash Easy For Anyone? by ZOMM
What Wireless Devices Can ZOMM Track? by ZOMM
What Inspired The Idea For An Alarm For A Lost Cell Phone? by ZOMM

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 ZOMM Available in White, Pink, or Black Bluetooth

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About ZOMM

 ZOMM InfoFAQ Company Profile

Main Products and Services: ZOMM Wireless Leash and Safe Driving Kit. - ZOMM

Company Description: ZOMM is a technology company that specializes in providing safety and security, utilizing the latest in Bluetooth technologies - ZOMM

Website Description: ZOMM provides a smart wireless alarm, tracker and safety kit for mobile phones.- InfoFAQ Editorial Staff

Quote from the Owner: "Exceeding market expectations is key to success" - Henry Penix, Founder ZOMM

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