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Expert Merchant Program

Question and Answer Interview

If you are a merchant or a credible company you can participate in our Expert Merchant Program by scheduling an exclusive interview with your company. We will ask you to answer several questions related to your area of expertise.

We will also ask you to fill out an extensive profile form which will be verified by third party sources. The information will be reviewed by our staff and if approved you will be contacted after review. Once the review process is completed and approved based on your credible business information we will include it on our site.

One example would be: If you own a toy store, a question we might ask you would be, "Which toys are considered unsafe for small children and why?" This is the type of question that consumers will want to know the answer to, from an expert in the business. Questions and answers from a real live merchant will not only help consumers who are shopping for products, but will legitimize you the merchant as an expert in your field.

How does this benefit you the business owner?

1. It will establish credibility to your website by having been verified by third party sources and our staff as a true business owner.
2. Provides relief to your shoppers that you have been verified as a business owner for over a year.
3. You will receive an optional InfoFAQ icon to place on your site verifying your business credentials.
4. You have the option to be included in our proprietary question forum that allows you to answer questions directly from your targeted audience.
5. Gives you significance as a true expert in your field of business.
6. We will include and feature your interview on our Website.
7. Consumers learn more about your products and services and are understand your policies including consumer protection, identity theft, and fraud.

To be listed on InfoFAQ you must be a legitimate business in the United States for over a year or more.

3 easy steps

Step 1 - Add your Credible Company
Step 2 - Email your company profile and request to info @
Step 3 - Check your email for further instructions.

When consumers browse InfoFAQ in your category, your company information will answer their questions and create a bond of trust. Promote your InfoFAQ profile and question and answer interview with these provided icons.

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InfoFAQ Expert Merchant - Merchant Icon

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