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Company Description

Founded by Dr. Paul MacCready in 1971, AeroVironment Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. AeroVironment is a technology solutions provider that designs, develops, and produces an advanced portfolio of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) solutions.

Social Responsibility

Aerovironment is dedicated to sustainable environmental practices such as the conservation of natural resources, the responsible reduction and recycling of waste and the efficient use of energy including renewables. For more information please read their full Corporate Social Responsibility Statement.

Articles and Publications

Barry, John and Thomas, Evan. "Up in the Sky, An Unblinking Eye." Newsweek 4 June 2008
Hinton, Christopher. "Some Defense Companies Could Benefit from Obama Presidency" The Wall Street Journal 12 May 2008
Pincus, Walter. "How Defense Research is Making Troops More Effective in Wartime." Washington Post 12 May 2008
Tomlinson, Cpl Ryan. "2nd LAR Welcomes Raven." U.S. Marines Official Website 4 April 2008.

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Professional Memberships and Affiliations for Dr. Paul MacCready

InfoFAQ Expert Merchant
Membership in the National Academy of Engineering
Membership in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Membership in the American Philosophical Society
Fellow status in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
American Meteorological Society
Former AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologist
Member of the AMS Council

Service on many technical advisory committees and Boards of Directors for government, industry (public and private corporations), educational institutions, and foundations

Director of the Lindbergh Foundation and the Society for Amateur Scientists..

Full Dr. Paul MacCready Biography and Tribute. Credibility Info

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AeroVironment manufactures unmanned aircraft systems UAS and UAV's, and drones. AeroVironment is a trusted company with a strong commitment to customer service and consumer protection. The majority of customer reviews and feedback for AeroVironment are positive. - InfoFAQ Editorial Staff

AeroVironment, Inc. Interview

AeroVironment Company Profile

Company Name: AeroVironment
Original DBA Name: AeroVironment, Inc.
President & CEO: : Wahid Nawabi
Founder : Dr. Paul MacCready
In Business Since: 1971
Years in Profession: 49 Years
Business Address: 900 Innovators Way, Simi Valley, CA 93065
Business Phone: 805.520.8350
Contact Email: [email protected]
Company Information: AeroVironment Information
Company News: AeroVironment , AV Press
Website: AeroVironment Website
Merchant Category: Small UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLES (UAV's)
Services Include: Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Description: AeroVironment, Inc. is one of the top suppliers of unmanned aircraft solutions in the world. Our global customers are growing continually in the areas of the Defense Industry, Security, Agriculture, Distribution & Logistics, and more. - AeroVironment, Inc.

History: Started by acclaimed physicist and engineer Dr. Paul MacCready in 1971, AeroVironment quickly became a pioneer in the technology of unmanned aircraft. With Dr. MacCready's active role in all technology areas, his team at AV developed aircraft which are used by NASA, the U.S. Military and other private companies. Many of his classic aircraft designs can be seen today in the Smithsonian American History Museum, the National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. and the Museum of Flight in Seattle, WA. AeroVironment celebrates it's 50 year anniversary in 2021.

A pioneer in the field of alternative fuel, Dr. MacCready and AeroVironment teamed with GM in the late 1980's to create one of the first battery-powered concept cars. This car later became a factor in creating California's Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate and was a great global example for alternative fuel vehicles.

Quote from the Founder : "I'm more interested in a world that works than what sells" - Dr. Paul MacCready

Consumer Trust Rating 5/5

Company Interview

The InfoFAQ staff has verfied that this business has taken the following steps to ensure the trust of their customers:

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PRIVACY policy

Most Popular Products:

Unmanned Aircraft Systems
AeroVironment's UAS are used by the United States Armed Forces and allies for surveillance and reconnaissance, Unmanned Aircraft Systems are the perfect devices for patrolling and protecting citizens, especially in dangerous and targeted areas. They provide autonomous or remote-controlled operation and precise GPS navigation.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Whether used to protect citizenry along borderlines or to search for victims within a populated burning building, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can fly autonomously or through a remote control in order to provide surveillance and reconnaissance. Some of our most prominent customers include certain divisions of the United States Armed Forces.

Tactical Missile Systems - Loitering Missiles
AeroVironment’s tactical missile systems close the gap between observation and action.

Unmanned Ground Vehicles
In May 2021, AeroVironment acquired Telerob, a leader in ground robotic solutions. Telerob’s advanced, unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) complement AeroVironment's existing portfolio of leading-edge UAS and tactical missile solutions.

Long-endurance, Unmanned Aircraft Platforms
AeroVironment's solar powered Unmanned Aircraft Systems teamed with SoftBank will support broadband telecommunications for tomorrow. Using a constellation of solar High-Altitude Pseudo-Satellite aircraft to connect people around the globe.


Mentioned in the Media

60 Minutes - May 9, 2021

"Anderson Cooper reports on the nerve-wracking Mars landing of the rover Perseverance, the painstaking process of launching the tiny helicopter Ingenuity, and the extraordinary images the two have already sent back to Earth."
Read More

Nasa: Jet Propulsion Laboratory - May 7, 2021

"For the first time, a spacecraft on another planet has recorded the sounds of a separate spacecraft. NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover used one of its two microphones to listen as the Ingenuity helicopter flew for the fourth time on April 30, 2021."
Read More

Investor's Business Daily - February 18, 2021

"NASA landed its Perseverance Mars rover Thursday, and along with it is a helicopter drone that could set a new milestone in aviation history."
Read More

Defense & Security Systems International - November 24, 2020

"We recently saw the announcement of the Switchblade 600 by AeroVironment, one of the global leaders in military rapidly deployable unmanned aerial vehicle platforms."
Read More

UAS Products (Includes Data Sheet and Videos):

Raven® Unmanned Aircraft - While the Raven B system is a newer and more advanced version of the Raven A system, it possesses other features that help illustrate its practicality and useful advantages. Guided by GPS navigation, The Raven B airplane is currently the most enhanced Unmanned Aircraft System deployed through the United Stated Armed Forces, and has the incredible ability to either operate manually or independently according to desire or necessity.

The Puma™ LE Unmanned Aircraft and Puma™ 3 AE Unmanned Aircraft - The Puma are an impressive aircraft in their class, containing a stronger payload capability than others. Also featuring qualities of other small Unmanned Aircraft Systems, moves with a GPS navigation system, and easy to utilize. Additionally, the Puma can also fly manually or autonomously, as w

Wasp® AE Unmanned Aircraft - The smallest Unmanned Aircraft System, the Wasp AE features hand-launch capability and is known for its strong sense of dependability and its rugged nature. This aircraft model is also portable, and can be trusted to ensure surveillance whether it is day or night. As with the Puma, it is also compatible with manual or autonomous flight options and navigation.

Quantix® Recon Unmanned Aircraft - Quantix Recon is a simple-to-use UAS that delivers rapid, automated reconnaissance and hands-free data collection.

VAPOR® Helicopter Unmanned Aircraft - Features military-grade components, VAPOR is powered by proprietary HeliSynth™ technology, delivering precision flight performance, exceptional endurance, and maximum payload flexibility for defense, commercial, and industrial applications.


Quantix™ Mapper Unmanned Aircraft - Quantix Mapper makes It easy to gather accurate images across a large area, assess and react to situations with precision and speed. Used for monitoring crop growth during key stages, or in situations where damage from storm, flood and fire needs assessing.

VAPOR® Helicopter UAS - An all-electric helicopter unmanned aircraft system is that is extremely versatile and can be custom configured to support a variety of mission requirements.

Tactical Missile Systems (Includes Data Sheets and Videos):

Switchblade® 600 Loitering Missile and Switchblade® 300 Loitering Missile - The Switchblade Tactical Missile System is a battlefield essential featuring patented wave-off and recommit capability, allowing operators to abort the mission at any time and then re-engage either the same or other targets multiple times, based on operator command.

Blackwing™ Loitering Reconnaissance Missile - The Blackwing Tactical Missile System features a miniature electro-optical and infrared sensor to allow for rapid-response intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. Incorporating a modular payload bay, the Blackwing is deployable under multiple circumstances, from underwater-to-surface, surface ship or mobile ground vehicle. It is interoperable with the AeroVironment family of UAS.

Unmanned Ground Vehicles (Includes Data Sheets and Videos):

Telemax Family of Remote Controlled Ground Vehicles and The tEODor EVO Robot - AeroVironment's acquisition of Telerob complemented their existing portfolio of UAS and tactical missile solutions. Telerob’s UGVs safely and effectively perform a variety of dangerous missions, including explosive ordinance disposal (EOD), hazardous materials handling (HAZMAT) and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threat assessment.


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