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Company Name: Amplify Designs
Original DBA Name: Amplify Designs
Business Owner: Kenten Waldrum
Founder: Kenten Waldrum
In Business Since: 2005
Years in Profession: 15 Years
Company Address: 208 E. Irving Blvd, Irving, TX 75060
Business Phone: 817-438-0060
Toll Free Phone: 888-453-0060
Fax: 972-253-4960
Contact Email: [email protected]
Completed InfoFAQ Exclusive Interview: 7/2/2010
InfoFAQ Exclusive Interview: "Church Banners"
Company Information: Amplify Designs Information
Website: Amplify Designs, Easter Banners, Church Banners
Store: All Church Banners
Search Consulting: RussellCraft

Company Category: Church Banners, Praise Banners, Worship Banners, Custom Banners

Main Products and Services: Praise and Worship Banners, New Designs, Childrens Ministry, Student Ministry, Emerging Church, Welcome Ministry, Coffee Spot, Spanish, Missions, Seasonal Banners, Series Banners, stands & displays, pole banners, stage backdrops, Billboards, foamboard, covenant canvas, invite cards, post cards, door hangers, T-shirts

Company Description: Amplify Designs is a non-denominational ministry that works with all Bible-believing Christian churches that embrace traditional Christian theology. We view this as a ministry opportunity. As God leads, we will try to follow. Our mission is simply to help you reach more unchurched people for less money and ultimately be found good stewards of what God has entrusted to us. Our commitment to you is one of complete honesty, integrity and professional service. We are here to serve you and to be a blessing to you.

Amplify Designs is a manufacturing and marketing company dedicated to equipping local churches with communication resources for effective ministry. Our variety of graphics resources for preaching and worship helps churches communicate more clearly in a visual world. Our customizable banners and printed products allow a church to provide a creative and impressive experience for the congregation by expanding the visual message beyond the church sanctuary. We deeply believe that ministry happens in the local church, and passionately work to equip pastors and other church leaders for success.

- Kenten Waldrum

Store Description: Amplify provides cost-effective resources in a variety of banners, stage backdrops, wall graphics, interior signs, postcard invitations, T-Shirts, and more. - Kenten Waldrum

Quote from the Founder: "Our ministry is to serve your ministry with banners and other products." - Kenten Waldrum

History: Founded in 2005, Amplify Designs has quickly grown to become the largest provider of church banners and print products in the US. With a mission to equip Christians and churches to share God's love, Amplify provides cost-effective resources in a variety of banners, stage backdrops, wall graphics, interior signs, postcard invitations, T-Shirts, and more. Located in Irving Texas, Amplify Designs is centrally positioned to ship orders around the country in a timely manner.

With professional designs and relevant messages, Amplify delivers eye-catching banners, stage backdrops, postcards, T- shirts and more for use by thousands of churches every year. Amplify Designs provides tools to help churches establish visibility in their community and present a unique impression in an attractive way.

Our digitally printed banners are full color. These banners draw attention and guide guests to a particular church ministry or service. Large, easy to read messages such as "Welcome," "Information," or "Children" are arranged against a striking background of color, texture and bold graphics.

Our banners not only direct church guests, but they also breath new color and life to the visual appearance of a church. With a relatively small investment, a church's appearance can be transformed and updated with these beautiful products. Amplify Designs creative banners give churches an easy, affordable way to enhance their appearance and connect with visitors.

The banners can be displayed on a durable, black aluminum/steel 6 foot or 8 foot stand. Each stand holds one or two banners at a time. The banners and stands are portable, weather resistant and easy to assemble. Banners may also be hung directly on sanctuary walls with poles. - Kenten Waldrum

Most Popular Products:

Church Banners

Praise Banners

Custom Church Banners

Easter Banners

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Amplify Designs


"We received everything today and it looks great! Thank you again Kenten and I look forward to our next project!!!"


from: Clairemont Covenant Church

"Hi Kenten,
Just want to let you know the banners are up and they are amazing! You did a great job. I will get to work on the welcome sign this next week. I think we will go with one that is on a free standing sign holder. We will set it out on the patio before the service and then take it in. I cannot wait to hear feedback from the congregation (I just put them up today). The assistant pastor and worship director helped hang them and they are really impressed.
Thanks for all the hard work the team put into our project."


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InfoFAQ Expert Merchant - Amplify Designs Company Profile

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