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Ansell Worldwide Offices:

Corporate Headquarters

Ansell Healthcare LLC
Ansell North & Latin America's Headquarters
200 Schulz Drive
Red Bank NJ 07701
United States
Phone + 1 732 345 5400
Fax + 1 732 219 5114

Ansell Limited
678 Victoria Street (Level 3)
Richmond VIC 3121
Phone + 61 3 9270 7270
Fax + 61 3 9270 7300

Regional Headquarters

Ansell Healthcare LLC
Ansell North & Latin America's Headquarters
200 Schulz Drive
Red Bank NJ 07701
United States
Phone + 1 732 345 5400
Fax + 1 732 219 5114

Ansell (Hong Kong) Limited
Ansell Asia Pacific Headquarters
33 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay
2610B-12A, 26/F., Exchange Tower
Kowloon 8523
Hong Kong S.A.R., China
Phone +852 2185 0600

Ansell Healthcare Europe N.V.
Ansell EMEA Headquarters
Riverside Business Park - Block J
Boulevard International 55
Brussels 1070
Phone + 32 (0)2 528 74 00
Fax + 32 (0)2 528 74 01

Business Segments

The Ansell business is organized in four main business segments. Whereas each segment serves a unique and different market, all four are connected by Ansell's focus on protection, comfort and quality, combined with a never-ending quest for innovation.

Industrial GBU

Ansell Industrial GBU manufactures and markets hand and upperarm protective solutions for a wide spread of industrial applications. Ansell Healthcare protects workers and products around the world in almost every industry – from automotive over chemical and metal to electronics.

Medical GBU

Ansell Medical GBU manufactures and markets a wide range of hand protective solutions for healthcare professionals and patients alike. Ansell Healthcare's portfolio of synthetic and natural rubber latex surgical and examination gloves features amongst the largest in the world. Covering the most diverse healthcare applications, Ansell Healthcare always ensures consistent superior levels of protection.

Specialty Markets GBU

Ansell's Specialty Markets GBU manufactures and markets high performance, application-specific gloves for industries such as Food, Services & Agriculture, Construction, Do-it-Yourself, Janitorial/Sanitation, Military, First Responders, Household Goods and Auto Aftermarket. This Business Unit also focuses on breakthrough innovation and education for ever better hand protection.

Ansell's Specialty Markets GBU also produces a variety of household gloves and markets these under its own brands as well as others, including the Vileda brand owned by Freudenberg Haushaltsprodukte KG.

Sexual Wellness GBU

Ansell Sexual Health & Well Being GBU manufactures and markets 18 of own global, regional and local condom and personal products brands. The division also supplies to many major government and social marketing organizations' global tenders and to a number of non Ansell condom brands in selected markets. Credibility Info

Ansell healthcare safety solutions

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Ansell is a global leader in protection solutions and healthcare safety solutions, and a specialist in surgical, examination, and industrial gloves. Ansell also manufactures protective clothing, industrial gloves, and condoms." Ansell is a trusted company with a strong committment to customer service and consumer protection. The majority of customer reviews and feedback for Ansell are positive. - InfoFAQ Editorial Staff

Ansell Healthcare Interview

InfoFAQ Expert Merchant - Ansell Healthcare Products
Ansell Company Profile

Company Name: Ansell Healthcare Products LLC
Company Founder: Eric Ansell
Years in Business: Since 1888
Years in Profession: Over 100
Business Address: 200 Schulz Drive, Red Bank, NJ 07701
Business Phone: (732) 345-5400
Fax: (732) 219-5114
Offices: List of Worldwide Offices
Email: Email Ansell
Completed InfoFAQ Exclusive Interview: Current
InfoFAQ Exclusive Interview: "Healthcare Safety and Protection"
Company Information: Ansell Information
Website: Ansell Website
Parent Company: Ansell Website

Merchant Category: Healthcare Safety, Medical Safety Products

Main Products and Services: Protective products within Industrial, Medical, and Sexual Wellness markets. - Ansell

Company Description: "Ansell provides protective products within Industrial, Medical, Specialty Markets and Sexual Wellness markets." - Ansell

Company Description: "Ansell is a global leader in protection solutions and healthcare safety solutions, and a specialist in surgical, examination, and industrial gloves. Ansell also manufactures protective clothing, industrial gloves, and condoms." - InfoFAQ Editorial Staff

Company History: Eric Ansell was working for Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Company in 1905 when he was called upon to help dismantle the plant's condom making machine. - Ansell

Quote From the Company: "Ansell's vision is to create a world where people and products enjoy optimal protection against the risks to which they are exposed." - Ansell

Consumer Trust Rating 5/5

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International Distribution

1. North America
2. South Pacific
3. Europe
4. Saudi Arabia/So. Caribbean/Pacific Rim

Southmedic Inc.
Jenefer Pardy-Director, Sales & Marketing
Barrie, Ontario, Canada L4M 5K3
Phone: 705 726 938
James Cunningham-Customer Service Manager
Phone: 705-720-1902 x 1 for customer service
Phone: 888-420-1902 x 1 for customer service

Distromex, A.S. de C.V.
Bondojito #340 Col. Las Americas
Mexico, DF 01120
Phone: 011 52 55 5277 1048
Fax: 011 52 55 5277 0342

South Pacific Section
Medical + Optical
Artarmon, NSW 2064 - Australia
Phone: 61 2 9439 6677
Fax: 61 2 9439 8855

New Zealand
Surgico Medical & Surgical Ltd.
North Shore City, New Zealand
Phone: 011-64-9-414-6070
Fax: 011-64-9-414-6080

Europe Section

Gelco A/S
Hesselvej 79
3660 Stenlose, Denmark
Phone: 45 4819 5401
Fax: 45 4819 5402

O'LM Surgical Supplies (Oleary Medical)
Kibarrack, Dublin 5 - Ireland
Phone: 353 1 839 5404
Fax: 353 1 839 5406

The Netherlands
Interster International B.V.
Samsonweg 2a
1521RC Wormerveer
Phone: +31(0) 75 640 26 06

Rua da Paz, Ed. Park no 66
Sala 43/44 4050-461 Porto, Portugal
Phone: 351 22 608 03 80
Fax: 351 22 608 03 89

Saudi Arabia/So. Caribbean/Pacific Rim
SRW Industries
Ralph Rybacki
500 Capitol Drive
Lake Zurich, IL 60047
Phone: 847-550-1800

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Popular Products

AlphaTec: AlphaTec, chemical-resistant gloves, are specially designed to ease the pressure on workers' hands when handling hazardous chemicals or other dangerous liquids. AlphaTec gloves feature the patented, Ansell Grip Technology, which is the leading industry-grip for jobs that require both protection from chemicals and robust mechanical performance.

HyFlex: HyFlex, general purpose gloves, are specially designed to be lightweight, cool, comfortable and highly flexible. HyFlex gloves are ideal for protection in jobs that require precision handling of small parts. Hyflex gloves have a wide range of uses, such as muli-purpose, cut-resistant, oil-repellant and specialty.

TouchNTuff: TouchNTuff, single use gloves, are designed for light duty, where protection from chemical splash is required. TouchNTuff gloves provide 3x the puncture resistamce of competitive latex or vinyl gloves. TouchNTuff are ideal for jobs dealing with pharmaceuticals, chemicals, electronics, food processing and agriculture/viticulture.

Encore: Encore, powder-free, latex surgical gloves are highly regarded by surgeons, nurses and surgical technicians. Encore guarantees their gloves provide similar comfort levels as powdered latex gloves, but provides better grip for instrument handling. Their low protein levels help reduce the risk of latex sensitization in healthcare workers and patients.

Gammex: Gammex surgical glove brand is Ansell Healthcare's best seller in the professional helthcare market. The Gammex brand of gloves is best known for their unbeatable combination of protection and comfort levels, which supports surgical excellence, while keeping, surgeons, nurses and surgical technicians safe. Gammex is constantly looking to expand their brand with new gloves incorporating state of the art technology and supporting all types of surgical needs and preferences.

Medi-Grip: Medi-Grip surgical gloves are a consistent, reliable and safe choice for every type surgery or medical procedure, which requires the use of sterile gloves. Medi-Grip gloves are available in both powdered and powder-free versions, combining protection with innovative comfort features, ensuring a good fit, enhanced tactility, easy donning and good grip.

Micro-Touch: Micro-Touch has become one of the leading brands of examination gloves around the world. Micro-Touch has focused their efforts on creating an impenetrable barrier against viruses, harmful micro-organisms, chemicals and detergents, as well as providing the most comfort as possible. All Micro-Touch products contain a very low allergenic profile.

Sandel: Sandel is committed to developing innovative safety solutions and products which are focused on addressing and eliminating safety issues for patients and healthcare staff. Sandel Medical collaborates with healthcare professionals to ensure the best in product development.

ActivArmr: ActivArmr is designed and engineered for the real world extremes, which are faced by the military, emergency services and construction workers. ActivArmr gloves feature hand protection innovations that help users perform their job duties safely and precisely, no matter how demanding or dangerous the job may be.

VersaTouch: VersaTouch gloves provide protection for employees in the food processing industry. VersaTouch main focus is to provide products with task-specific grip, flexibility and comfort features specifically for the demands of the food processing workplace. VersaTouch gloves are designed to withstand wet and dry environments.

ProjeX: ProjeX gloves are made for anybody who is looking for a durable, all-around performance hand protector for general purposes tasks. Projex gloves are ideal for any task, from carpentry, woodworking, automotive, gardening, light lifting or any other task which could cause hand fatigue and blisters. ProjeX gloves are designed for maximum comfort for any job.

BlowTex: For over 20 years, BlowTex has been the most innovative condom manufacturers in South America. BlowTex provides a wide variety of condoms for those who are seeking more fun and pleasure in their love life. Showing that they have plenty creativity, BlowTex has created scented condoms, textured condoms, and condoms with a long lasting effect.

Jissbon: Jissbon condoms is one of the most recognized and respected brands in China. The Jissbon brand prides itself on safety, reliability and protection.

KamaSutra: KamaSutra is India's leading brand, offering exotic pleasures through a wide range of textured, thin and other innovative products.

LifeStyles: LifeStyles brand of condoms are well known globally and i highly respected for its reliability and proven protection. LifeStyles offers a wide variety of textured condoms that focus on sharing fun and pleasure with your partner.

Manix: Manix is a sophisticated, premium brand that maximizes pleasure through a range of thin and other innovative products. Manix guarantees their products for optimal security, ultimate thinness and maximum pleasure.

Skyn: Skyn brand has dedicated themselves to discover a better way for their clients to a better experience sexually and unlock the intensity of their senses. Skyn provides the highest quality of products to help heighten the senses and create a more intense physical and emotional connection between partners.

Zero: Zero brand condom uses a leading edge technology which produces an incredibly thin and ultra premium latex condom.

Verified Memberships & Affiliations

Professional Memberships and Affiliations for Ansell

- InfoFAQ Expert Merchant

- AORN (Association of PeriOperative Registered Nurses) - Sandel is the original, exclusive sponsor of AORN's Patient Safety First program.

- The Joint Commission - Sandel's Correct Medication Labeling System™ products are fully in compliance with The Joint Commission's 2010 requirements.

- OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) - Sandel's Ergonomic Workplace Safety Products are manufactured according to the guidelines and standards requirements directed by OSHA.

- American College of Surgeons - Sandel's Engineered Sharps Injury Prevention (ESIP) products are designed to promote the safety of patients and healthcare employees as outlined by the American College of Surgeons.

- AST (Association of Surgical Technologists) - Sandel's Specimen Handling System™ products have been specifically created to prevent the consequences of mishandling patients' specimens, as publicized by the Association of Surgical Technologists.

- ISIPS (International Sharps Injury Prevention Society) - ISIPS promotes Sandel Medical Industries' medical workplace safety products.