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Company Name: Arm's Reach®
Original DBA Name: Arm's Reach® Concepts, Inc.
President: Bruce Martin
Established by : Diana and Douglas Tharalson
In Business Since: 1998
Years in Profession: 18 Years
Business Address: 2081 N. Oxnard Blvd. #187, Oxnard, CA 93030
Business Phone: 805 278-2559
Toll Free Phone: 805 954-9353
Fax: 805 604-7982
Contact Email: [email protected]
Completed InfoFAQ Exclusive Interview: 05/25/2008 and 5/10/2010
InfoFAQ Exclusive Interview: "Baby Bassinets" and "Pet Beds"
Company Information: Arm's Reach Information
Website: Arm's Reach® Website
Online Store URL: Arm's Reach® Store
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Arm's Reach
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Mineral Studios
Payment Methods: VISA, MASTERCARD

Merchant Category: Baby Bassinets, Baby Furniture, Pregnancy Sleepers

Services Include: baby furniture, baby bedding, baby crib canopy, certified organic bedding, baby furniture accessories, parental guide to cosleeping

Description: Arm's Reach® is the maker of the CO-SLEEPER® brand family of products. -Arm's Reach®

History: Arm's Reach® Concepts, Inc. was started by Diana and Douglas Tharalson. They created the first CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinet as a way to allow a baby to sleep safely with mom and dad. The idea was patented and the first Arm's Reach® CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinet hit the market in 1998.

Quote from the Owner: "Arm's Reach CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinet provides a separate and secure infant sleep space safely connected to an adult bed which encourages professionally recommended cosleeping and breast-feeding practices." -Arm's Reach®

Most Popular Products:

Arm's Reach CO-SLEEPER® Brand Bassinet Information: Arm's Reach® CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinets are uniquely designed to allow parents to sleep within Arm's Reach® of their infants, thus ensuring their infants' personal safety while being able to quickly and conveniently reach for them whenever desired or needed. All Arm's Reach® CO-SLEEPER® brand Bassinets also attach safely to standard sized beds, so parents can sleep closely to their infants without the fears or dangers of bed sharing.

The Arm's Reach Ideal CO-SLEEPER® Brand Baby Bassinet: The Ideal CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinets embody years of feedback from customers. The Ideal CO-SLEEPER® was designed and developed to better suit the desires of concerned parents making it the ideal solution for your child. It has better ventilation for improved breathability, storage pockets, and can be utilized as a bedside sleeper, freestanding bassinet, or a playard.

The Original CO-SLEEPER® Brand Baby Bassinet: The Original CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinets can hold either one or two babies, and can conveniently convert into freestanding bassinets. They also feature various colors, styles, and designs to fit those of you and your baby. You may choose between soft, warm, or cool colors, along with the option of choosing various liners differing in texture and length.

The Aurora Contempo Designer Crib: The Aurora Contempo Designer Crib is a stylish convertible baby bassinet beautifully crafted for your nursery. With the ability to convert to a toddler bed, a daybed, and a full size bed with a conversion kit. This isn't just a bassinet, it is a versatile crib that grows with your child.

The CO-SLEEPER® Brand Mini Baby Bassinet: The CO-SLEEPER® brand Mini versions are designed as a convenience for smaller spaces, and feature fewer parts so they are easier to assemble and disassemble. The mini bassinets also include wheels to easy mobility, a fabric liner, and a travel bag.

The CO-SLEEPER® Brand Mini Convertible Baby Bassinet: The CO-SLEEPER® brand Mini Convertible is a smaller version of the CO-SLEEPER® brand Mini Original bassinets, and can also be converted from a CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinet to a freestanding bassinet. This style also features a removable fabric liner as well as a travel bag.

The CO-SLEEPER® Brand Clear-Vue Baby Bassinet: The CO-SLEEPER® brand Clear-Vue model is designed with see-through fabric lining, so you can clearly see your baby at all times from all angles. While this version can convert from a CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinet to a freestanding bassinet, it also has built-in leg extensions for added convenience.

The CO-SLEEPER® Brand Sleigh Bed (Baby Cribs and Beds): The CO-SLEEPER® brand Sleigh Bed Bassinets are specifically designed to fit perfectly alongside beds of 18 to 24 inches in height. They also feature the conversion option, and are made of solid wood, thus allowing them to hold up to 500 pounds!

The CO-SLEEPER® Brand Cocoon: This is one of the most intimate models, as it allows newborns to feel like they are still in the womb! These durable hammock sleepers allow you to rock your baby while singing a lullaby, thus enhancing the bonding experience while helping your baby sleep securely.

Arm's Reach Accessories (Mattresses, Sheets, Canopies): The products featured in this category are all made from natural and raw materials, including certified organic cotton, Eco-Wool, and 100% natural rubber. Each product is also created and assembled in the USA. Arm's Reach® CO-SLEEPER® brand Accessories are crafted with love and care, as each is designed with the safety and well-being of your baby in mind.

Replacement Parts: Our Replacement Parts include additional sheets, mattresses, bar and hangar sets, nylon carrying bags, and wheels so that you are able to purchase more of the little things you need without having to pay high prices.

Arm's Reach Pet Beds

Professional Endorsements:

"I am pleased to recommend the Arm's Reach® Bedside CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinet. As a Pediatrician, the Arm's Reach® CO-SLEEPER® brand is one of the most useful attachments tools I have ever seen. The Arm's Reach® CO-SLEEPER® brand allows parents and babies to have their own bed space, yet still be within touching distance of each other" - William Sears, MD

"The Arm's Reach® CO-SLEEPER® brand represents an appropriate compromise for parents who are unsure whether or not they can provide a safe bed sharing environment for their infants. Mother and baby can enjoy close proximity, which maximizes breastfeeding and important sensory exchanges between the mother and infant" - James McKenna, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Pantley (Author of The No-Cry Sleep Solution: Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night)

The Elizabeth House


Publications or Articles Mentioned in:

- "Tips for Safely Sharing a Bed with Baby." Borger News-Herald 10 January 2006
- Pantley, Elizabeth. "Helping Your Baby to Sleep Better." Times-Tribune 30 August 2005
- Brooks, Michelle C. "10 Essentials New Parents Really Need." Atlanta Journal-Constitution 4 September 2004
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