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Company Name: Clean Beyond
Owner: A & L Franchising LLC
Company Founder: Autumn Key
Year Founded: 2012
Years in Profession: 12 Years
Business Address: 922 Montrose Avenue, Nashville, CO 80124
Business Phone: 615-815-1886
Toll Free: 877-202-7377
Email: [email protected]
Completed InfoFAQ Exclusive Interview: 4/22/2013
InfoFAQ Exclusive Interview: "Healthcare Cleaning"
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Merchant Category: Healthcare Cleaning Products and Services

Main Products and Services: We specialize in four distinct areas of cleaning: Residential, Educational Facilities, Athletic Facilities and Commercial Buildings.

Company Description: CleanBeyond is the culmination of years of experience in both the cleaning field along with time and experience in the medical services industry. For years, Ms. Key had seen an opportunity using Medical “Grade” cleaning techniques and processes in traditional environments as a way to not only differentiate a brand, but to also define an entirely new cleaning segment in “Blue-Clean”. Ms. Dokken saw this opportunity immediately and together, they have launched the CleanBeyond model to build this differentiator and capitalize on the market opportunity through franchise and corporate growth. - Clean Beyond

Website Description: Advanced cleaning products and services franchise company servicing Residential, Educational Facilities, Athletic Facilities, and Commercial Buildings.- InfoFAQ Editorial Staff

Company History: "CleanBeyond is a Nashville-based residential and commercial cleaning company with a satellite office in the Denver market. The organization is an affiliate to Southern Comfort Cleaning, a Nashville cleaning organization owned and operated by one of the founders and partners to CleanBeyond. Southern Comfort Cleaning is wholly owned and operated by Ms. Autumn Key and has a twelve year track record of successful market penetration in and throughout the Central Tennessee market. The organization has been an industry leader in the commercial and residential cleaning market space and has proven business systems, processes and operating procedures in place. Ms. Laura Dokken joined Ms. Key as partners in the development and creation of the CleanBeyond brand. Ms. Dokken has a longstanding career in the medical services and supply field. Her experience and leadership has lead to the industry recognition with several firms as being effective, consistent and always a top performer in her field. - Clean Beyond

Quote From the Owner: "Clean Beyond goes beyond…we bring healthcare cleaning standards to everyday living." - Clean Beyond

Most Popular Services:

Healthcare Cleaning

Residential Healthcare Cleaning

Educational Healthcare Cleaning

Athletic Healthcare Cleaning

Commercial Healthcare Cleaning

Publications Mentioned In

Dave Ramsey - Total Money Makeover (Book)

Autumn Key - CEO was on Good Morning America twice with Dave Ramsey

VIP FRANKLIN - Tennessee Magazine


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InfoFAQ Expert Merchant - Clean Beyond

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