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Liliane Lerch
Liliane Lerch

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Company Name: Liliane Lerch
Original DBA Name: Liliane Lerch
Business Owner: Liliane Lerch
Founder: Liliane Lerch
In Business Since: 2009
Years in Profession: Over 20 Years
Business Address: Hamburg, Germany
Business Phone: 40-607909-04
Fax: 040-607090-557
Contact Email: [email protected]
Completed InfoFAQ Exclusive Interview: 6/18/2013
InfoFAQ Exclusive Interview: "Datura"
Company Information: Liliane Lerch Information
Website: Liliane Lerch Website

Merchant Category: Author

Main Products and Services: Novel Datura (German) / The Lazy Poet (English) - Liliane Lerch

Company Description: "Liliane Lerch is the author of the German-language novel Datura, which has been adapted into English under the title The Lazy Poet" - Liliane Lerch

Memberships: "Nesting works closely with the March of Dimes and Mothers of Preschoolers, a national organization that brings moms together during their kids formative years from birth to age five. Nesting is partnered with Shutterfly for photo keepsake creation." - Liliane Lerch

Web Descriptionr: "Liliane Lerch is the author the internationally known novel, Datura, which has been adapted into English as The Lazy Poet." - Liliane Lerch

History: "Born in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1955, Liliane Lerch began her lifelong writing career as an art critic. Since then, she has worked as a copywriter, advertising creative director, and a weekly columnist. She is also the author of the novel Datura, which in English is called The Lazy Poet." - Liliane Lerch

Most Popular Products:

Datura - Datura is published by Atrium. It’s available in book stores in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.


Publications and Articles


Basler Zeitung, Cosmopolitan, Swiss Magazine, Stern, Annabelle, Freudin

Questions and Answers

Who is Liliane Lerch?

Liliane Lerch is a European writer, columnist, and now author of the novel Datura.

What is Datura about?

Datura follows the lives of journalist Emma de Antoni and the terminally ill Jackson Carver as they embark upon adventure and romance in the American Southland’s Mojave Desert.

Is Datura available in other languages?

Yes. Datura has been adapted into English, under the title The Lazy Poet.

Where can readers purchase a copy of the book?

Datura can be purchased through Amazon. The English version, The Lazy Poet, is available on Kindle.

How can fans contact Liliane Lerch about her novel?

Fans of her novel can contact Liliane Lerch through [email protected], as well as through the phone numbers listed on her official website,

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