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Who We Are

We are a company who came up with an idea. We believed in the concept so strongly we are risking our life savings on it.
When one comes up with something different, of course they believe it is right and will be successful, but be wanted to make sure this was not just a fantasy. We did focus group after focus group, and time after time our jean was selected number one in all three categories fit, comfort and style. But it went beyond that. Woman championed our jeans, and the accolades began to flow. We knew we had something.
While doing the focus groups two sentences stayed with me. "When I get home from work I usually want to get out of my jeans, but with a Marc Allison Jean when I get home I want to get into them." Another woman said she can now "travel on a plane in comfort and style." She said she "no longer has to wear sweat pants to be comfortable."

What we do?

We make woman happy.
We give them comfort, fit, and fashion.
We never let cost dictate the manufacturing of our jeans. Only the customer can do that.
We smile when we receive the accolades we worked so hard for.
We are building a brand that all other premium denim brands will have to follow if they want to sell our savvy customer.

Why we do it?

Allison and I realize our company is not making a giant leap for mankind, but for us in our own little way we have given the Marc Allison Jeans woman a little comfort in her life. When she puts on our jeans it’s like the weather on a perfect day; you don’t even think about it. That is until one brings it up.

How did we get started?

Marc was asked to come up with a new idea in denim and he traveled back in his mind to the days when sold knit fabrics- knits stretch in two directions- denim stretches naturally in one direction. What if we could get denim to stretch like a knit? And then add Supima cotton to make it luxurious.

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Marc Allison Jeans

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Marc Allison Jeans provides heavy duty metal vents for both residential and commercial, and they ship their products nationwide. Marc Allison Jeans is a trusted company with a strong committment to customer service and consumer protection. The majority of customer reviews and feedback for Marc Allison Jeans are positive. - InfoFAQ Editorial Staff

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Marc Allison Jeans Interview

Marc Allison Jeans Company Profile

InfoFAQ Expert Merchant - Marc Allison Jeans Company Profile

Company Name: Marc Allison Jeans
Original DBA: Marc Allison Jeans
Company Founders: Marc & Allison Flashberg
Corporate Headquarters: 18317 Hampton CT. Porter Ranch CA 91326
Business Address:18317 Hampton CT. Porter Ranch CA 91326
Business Phone Number: (818) 832-1824
Company E-mail:
Year Founded: 2010
Years in Profession: Over 30
Completed InfoFAQ Exclusive Interview: Current
InfoFAQ Exclusive Interview: "Premium Denim Jeans"
Company Information: Marc Allison Jeans Information
Website: Marc Allison Jeans Website
Online Store: Marc Allison Jeans Store

Merchant Category: Premium Denim Jeans

Main Products and Services: Premium Denim Jeans

Company Description: We have changed the way denim is made. Most companies have stretch in the width of the fabric. We've added it to the length. Marc Allison is one of the only companies in the world that uses pima cotton, the finest, softest, strongest cotton ever grown. Our jeans can be worn five, six, even seven times in a row, and they won't bag out. We replaced Lycra with T-400, an innovative fiber which is multiple times stronger then Lycra. Put all this together and one realizes why we say we have the next generation in denim. Feel the fit. Experience the difference. - Marc Allison Jeans

Target Audience: Women ages 16 -85; concentration on women who want to be comfortable and still look great. 30-50. - Marc Allison Jeans

Website Description: Marc Allison Jeans makes shopping for premium denim easy by coming into your home, in a non-threatening environment, surrounded by people you trust and those who know fashion to get you into that elusive perfect fitting jean. - InfoFAQ Editorial Staff

Company History:
I supplied fabric to the premium denim market since its inception. A Textile Mill asked me to come up with a new idea in denim. It took a number of years, but with the support of Invista, the makers of Lycra, the fabric of Marc Allison Jeans was born. - Marc Flashberg

Quote from the Owner: "We are so confident in our product we tell our customers before they try on a Marc Allison Jean, once you try our jean you will never want to wear another jean again. Believe me when I tell you we are the first company that can say we give you style, fit and comfort." - Marc Flashberg

Consumer Trust Rating 5/5

Company Interview

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InfoFAQ Expert Merchant

Searching for the perfect pair of jeans can be a daunting task. Looking for style, comfort, and the perfect fit? Me too. But finding just one of those qualities can be difficult. Enter uber-designer Marc Flashberg on the Marc Allison Jeans team, a 30-year veteran in textiles, who realized after years of designing jeans that fit and comfort cannot be achieved by the pattern alone. Instead, jeans need to made with a fabric that compliments the pattern and can move with the body. Marc sourced a special yarn that allows the jeans to stretch two ways: length as well as width. With a mix of 73% cotton and 27% elastrell-p X-fit (a Lycra elastic fiber material) and after three years of fabric development, Marc Allison has formulated an amazing pair of stylish and snug fitted jeans. Designed to stretch and move with you, this denim won’t lose its shape. Mixing comfort and style, Marc Allison’s line of jeans also provides an incredible fit. After wearing the cool “Gina” Mid-Rise Slim Boot Cut in black for several days, the pair did not sag or stretch like my other jeans. I found the jeans to be slimming, comfortable, and have a stylish, slight flare. Catch these awesome Marc Allison jeans online at - Mom Central

Customer Trust Rating

Premium Denim Jeans

Marc Allison Jeans

"Ok, you were sooo right. I LOVE my new jeans and they will be the only pants I ever buy again. I've been in them all ever since and love them all :) Thanks so much for turning me on to these fabulous jeans!!"

"Thanks so much! I'm known as "the jean girl" around here for sure!! I have a ridiculous amount of jeans and these are, by far, my favorite!!! I can't lie....they look amazing on me! :). "

Reviews and Feedback


Hi Allison..I just wanted to let you know that I love my skinnys!! They are the perfect length!

Hey Allison.. I received my black michi skinny jeans today.... LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! I am interested in purchasing more of your jeans. I was wondering if you got them in the bootcut (indigo blue) or if you have anything new :) Brown & Blue plus 5 other pairs - LOVE!!! They have been my favorite jeans :) The size was perfect and I love the fabric.

My friend shared her liking for the Marc Allison jeans and I am interested in learning more from one of your reps. Is it possible to get some information sent to me?

Thanks so much! I'm known as "the jean girl" around here for sure!! I have a ridiculous amount of jeans and these are, by far, my favorite!!! I can't lie....they look amazing on me! :).

I would like to buy a pair of jeans for my friend. I would like to get her the same one as me

Hi Allison,
I just wanted you to let you know....I tried your jeans on and showed my husband and he loved them and said, it looked like I never had children he said they looked amazing.

I really loved your jeans. It was fun trying them on too.

Both Shelley Fabares and myself want to buy some more of your jeans. Please keep us informed if you do a trunk show in the Sherman Oaks/Studio City/ Encino area.

Yes! I'd love another pair. Let me know what is a good time to swing by. I would also love to do a trunk show. Was thinking around holiday time.

I am actually wearing my new pair of MAJ's right now for the first time and absolutely love them!

Ok, you were sooo right. I LOVE my new jeans and they will be the only pants I ever buy again. I've been in them all ever since and love them all :) Thanks so much for turning me on to these fabulous jeans!!

Hi Allison, A friend sent me a pair from the state and they are the most comfortable jeans I have worn. I am hoping that the black ones are the same as the blue ones I have. Many thanks Jane

I tried on a brown boot cut (had to have), then a Gray skinny (had to have) and then, the most amazing black pair as well. Sold!!! I've used them for day wear, evenings out, under chaps for motorcycle riding and my cowboy action shooting, a self defense model shoot, you name it. No other jean fits the way these do. Can't wait for the "new" white that's coming out soon!! Thrilled, Joani

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