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Sip N' Go was developed by Elevate Brands in 2009 and offers eco-friendly reusable, foldable, and collapsible water bottles for those on the go.. - InfoFAQ Editorial Staff

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Sip N' Go Company Profile

InfoFAQ Expert Merchant - Sip N Go Company Profile

Company Name: Sip N' Go
Original DBA: Sip N' Go
Business Owner: Jonathan Mafrice
Headquarters: Visit Website
Business Address: Visit Website
Business Phone Number: (310) 954-1428
Toll Free Phone Number: Visit Website
Company E-mail: [email protected]
Year Founded: 2009
Years in Profession: Over 18
Company Founder: Jonathan Mafrice
Completed InfoFAQ Exclusive Interview:
InfoFAQ Exclusive Interview: "Foldable Water Bottles"
Company Information: Sip N Go Information
Website: Sip N Go Website

Merchant Category: Foldable Water Bottles, Reusable Water Bottles

Main Products and Services: Foldable water bottles, collapsible water bottles, reusable water bottles, eco-friendly water bottles, insulated water bottle cases.

Company Description: Sip N' Go provides eco-friendly foldable water bottles, collapsible water bottles, kids sports bottles, and reusable water bottles in a variety of colors. - Sip N' Go

Website Description: Developed by Elevate Brands in 2009, Sip N' Go offers eco-friendly reusable, foldable, and collapsible water bottles for those on the go.. - InfoFAQ Editorial Staff

Company History: Elevate Brands was established in 2009 to build a family of brands that promote solutions for responsible living. Having been in the consumer products business since 1994, we know first hand that the choices we make at every step of the process make an impact on the environment. We know that it is possible to find solutions that are ethical and planet-friendly. We design our own products in-house and sell them to retailers, grocers, and department stores. With over fifteen years of experience designing and selling consumer products, we are committed to a smarter, elevated way of doing things. - Sip N' Go

Quote from the Owner: "It is imperative that we work toward protecting our natural resources and promoting awareness of responsible solutions to our impact on the environment. Our survival depends on it.." - Sip N' Go


Most Popular Products:

Foldable Reusable Water Bottles


Publications and Articles Mentioned

Fitness Magazine, Women's Running Magazine, SHAPE Magazine, Health Magazine, Woman's Day Magazine, as well as The Early Show on CBS.



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InfoFAQ Expert Merchant - Sip N Go Company Profile

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