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Company Name: Systematic Art
Original DBA Name: Systematic Art, LLC
In Business Since: 2005
Years in Profession:
20 Years
Business Address: Lawrenceville, GA 30045
Business Phone: 212 614-3233
Toll Free Phone: 877 979-7278
Fax: 212 254-1046
Contact Email: [email protected]
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Merchant Category: Art Hanging Systems, Picture Hanging Hardware, Cable Systems, Rod Systems, Tension Cable Systems

Services Include: Art Hanging Systems, Picture Hanging Hardware, Cable Systems, Rod Systems, Tension Cable Systems, Rails, Rods, Cables, Hooks

Description: Systematic Art is a world leader in manufacturing and distribution of picture hanging
systems and technology. Picture hanging systems eliminate the need for unnecessary holes and damage to walls commonly associated with traditional picture hanging methods such as hammer and nail. Systematic Art offers rails, rods, cables, and hooks that enhance art they support.
 -Systematic Art

History: Systematic Art was established in 2005 to offer innovative, museum-quality, professional art-
hanging services through technologically advanced art-hanging hardware. At its inception, Systematic
Art served galleries, museums and corporations worldwide. We quickly realized that our products could benefit discerning individual art collectors as well. Over the years, the Systematic team took many unique and conceptual approaches to its installations that planted the seeds for the company’s development and manufacturing of its own dedicated picture-hanging hardware.

We believe that hanging art is much more than putting nails in the wall. It is an art in itself.
Systematic Art’s picture-hanging rails, rods and cables give customers the flexibility to hang, adjust and move art without having to place hooks and holes in the wall, providing a clean, professional, museum-quality look.

After years of servicing clients through our worldwide network, Systematic Art is now pleased to make its art hanging products available online to the public for the first time. Systematic Art is proud to own its own factories in the People’s Republic of China, where products are designed, manufactured, and quality-tested to the highest of standards. In addition to designing and manufacturing, Systematic Art frequently invites focus groups, top curators and collectors to remain up-to-date with the demands of the market. We are strongly committed to offer consumers a means of hanging art that has been around for hundreds of years, but with a modern twist. Our hanging cables and self-gripping hooks are an affordable picture-hanging alternative for all.

Quote from the Owner:  “At Systematic Art, we provide our customers with a user-friendly, clean and
attractive means of hanging art, a system that is flexible and reliable, a system that will make putting holes in the wall a thing of the past, and a system that enhances the beauty of the art it supports.”
-Systematic Art

Most Popular Products:

Wall-Mounted Rails:
Gallery Rail: Heavy-duty, easy-to-use and inconspicuous, the wall-mounted Gallery Rail is the top choice of galleries and museums worldwide.

Moderna Rail: With its subtle detail and the ability to create a top-to-bottom tension system, the wall-mounted Moderna Rail is both elegant and versatile.

Click-Track Rail: Simple installation and decorative detail make the wall-mounted Click-Track Rail a favorite, concealing all fittings and wall anchors.

Ceiling-Mounted Rails:
Sky Rail: The ceiling-mounted Sky Rail is perfect for rooms that contain walls of brick, marble, wood,
tile or mirror and secures easily to any ceiling made of drywall, wood, steel, tin or concrete without damaging walls.

Hanging Rod: The Hanging Rod is compatible with Gallery, Moderna or Sky rails, and is available in
Silver, Black, White, or Stainless Steel and in lengths of 20, 40, 60 or 80 inches.

Ball-End Rod: The Ball-End Hanging Rod is compatible with Click-Track and Slim-Line rails, and is
available in Silver or White, and is lengths of 20, 40, or 60 inches.

J-Hook Cable: The classic J-hook Cable is available in Nylon, Stainless Steel, Black, or White and
allows for easily hanging objects using either Gallery, Moderna, or Sky rails.

Ball-End Cable: The inconspicuous Ball-End Cable is available in Nylon or Stainless Steel, and allows
for a secure and nearly invisible installation using either Click-Track or Slim-Line rails.

Cobra Cable: The versatile Cobra Cable is available in Nylon or Stainless Steel, and allows users to
insert the cable from any location on either Click-Track or Slim-Line rails.

Side-Screw Picture Hooks: Side-screw picture hooks are available in several designs and fasten to any
cable by tightening the screw on the side of the hook.

Self-Gripping Hooks: Self-Gripping Hooks use the weight of the hanging object to tighten against the
cable. Adjust the hook by simply pressing the hook and sliding it to the desired location.

Self-Gripping Hooks with Safety Lock: The Self-Gripping Hook with Safety Lock offers the most secure
method of hanging art when using cables. The added safety guard makes this item perfect for areas with
high traffic.

Tension Cable Systems: The point-to-point Tension Cable Set is Ideal for retail, providing a secure
means of suspending pictures, signs, and banners in high traffic areas. The Tension Cable Set includes
all necessary hardware for suspending objects from ceiling-to-floor, ceiling-to-wall, or wall-to-wall. Professional Endorsements:

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