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Company Name: Takamine
Business Address: 55 Griffin Road South, Bloomfield, CT 06001-0507
Business Phone Number: (877) 526-2668
Fax Number: (877) 526-2632
Toll Free Phone Number: (860) 509-8888
Company E-mail: [email protected]
Years in Business: Over 50
Years in Profession: Over 50
Company Founder: Charles Kaman
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InfoFAQ Exclusive Interview: "Takamine Guitars"
Company Information: Takamine Guitars Information
Website: Takamine Guitars Website

Merchant Category: Guitars

Main Products and Services: Guitars, Acoustic/Electric Guitars, Preamps

Company Description: Takamine Guitars manufactures acoustic/electric and bass guitars, offering their products to musicians in the global market. - Takamine Guitars

Website Description: Takamine Guitars specializes in manufacturing guitars and preamps, and is the manufacturer of various acoustic/electric guitar models.- Takamine Guitars

Company History: The Takamine story began over 50 years ago in Japan, during a time when playing the guitar was becoming more common in that region of the world. The company began to grow in Japan, particularly when Mass Hirade joined the Takamine team in 1968. Production of the "Classical" guitars took off soon after, and Takamine reached international heights in the mid-1970s. Today, Takamine Guitars is a successful guitar-manufacturing corporation, known globally for its high quality instruments. - Takamine Guitars

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Guitar World
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Fretboard Journal
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InfoFAQ Expert Merchant - Takamine Guitars Company Profile

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